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Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by jonasras, Mar 5, 2013.
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  1. bigshot
    I have yet to find anything I can throw at my mac mini and not have it handle beautifully... It hosts a music library with two years worth of music on it. It serves hidef video to my projection system. It has 75TB of online storage. It plays any file format I want. And it does all of that simply and intuitively. Can't complain about that.
  2. FiJAAS

    I thought that rockbox was unfinished on the ipod 7th gen ?
  3. hogger129
    FiJAAS likes this.
  4. FiJAAS
    I have a question?
    I ripped all of my CDs to 16/44.1 ALAC using XLD.
    I wish to transfer them to my iPod using iTunes.
    The question is, is it true itunes converts the ALAC file to AAC when transferring them to an iPod?
    How can I transfer ALAC files to my iPod correctly?
  5. hogger129
    No, it will import them as ALAC.  Just make sure your iPod is not set to "Import Higher Quality Songs as:"  As long as this box is unchecked, it will sync them up as ALAC.  My only caution is that lossless really is pointless when you have limited space like an iPod.  Contrary to what some say, vbr AAC is actually sounds pretty good compared to cd-quality lossless.
  6. bigshot
    AAC at a sufficient bit rate is audibly transparent. Human ears can't discern a difference between it and lossless.
  7. FiJAAS

    Thanks again!
  8. hogger129
    It is.  I can't tell a difference if I ABX test in foobar2000.  All my CD's are backed up as FLAC and then I just make LAME V0 MP3 versions for my Sansa.
  9. FiJAAS
    Guys, as you know I'm in the process of ripping all of my CD's to ALAC. I'm on the verge of purchasing the iPod Classic 7th Generation and the Beyerdynamics DT-770 250 OHM. As you know I stated that I would purchase the Fiio E12, but do you guys think also if I add JDS Labs Standalone DAC would it be a perfect fit with the three?
  10. Mambosenior
    Does the JDS accept digital output from IPod Classic?
  11. FiJAAS

    Not sure, I couldn't find anything about the iPod Classic on there.

  12. Roly1650

    The iPods, iPads and iPhones are audibly transparent devices into the vast majority of headphones and iems and would match the DT-770's fine. The JDS Labs dac will neither add or subtract anything audible to the listening experience, so why bother. Also, if the iPod Classic drives the DT-770's to a loud enough level for you, which they probably will, you won't need an external amp either, if you're after a neutral sound signature.
  13. bigshot
    Roly nailed it.
  14. FiJAAS

    I'm sorry I meant JDS Labs C5 Headphone Amplifire vs. Fiio E12.
  15. Roly1650

    Same logic applies, if the iPod is driving the headphones to a safe adequate volume, the additional headphone amp is not adding anything to the equation. Use the money saved on more music.
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