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Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by jonasras, Mar 5, 2013.
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  1. roulduke
    Well, HD Tracks claims that all of the albums offered are better just because of the high bit rates. For an older album from 1969, like Jethro Tull's "Benefit", I wonder how it compares to today's recordings and if if it can be noticeably better. I own around 2000 CD's, so, when I am faced with yet another format, I feel weary.
  2. old tech
    That is perhaps the biggest lie with hi res. Only more recent recordings are at least 24/96 all the way through to the final product.  The older albums like Jethro Tull are sourced from analog tape which is not hi res.  So unless it is a better sounding remaster it is impossible for these older albums to sound better purely because it is now in a hi res bucket.  Fortunately though, the quality of the recording and mastering have a far greater effect on sound quality than whether it was recorded in hi res, 16/44 or analog tape.
  3. pinnahertz
    They're lying.
    Great record, not great quality. Technically inferior in every way to the stuff that could be recorded today (but isn't because of some really poor artistic choices). So, in some ways, Benefit might sound better than some of today's stuff, not so much in others. It is what it is: great music from 1969.
    Meh. I'm sick of re-purchasing the same stuff. The bump from vinyl to CD made sense, mostly, because there was an unmistakable difference, so worth it. The difference here is clearly mistakable. I'll wait for the Virtual Reality version with 3D audio where Ian Anderson appears on my coffee table and asks me what I want to hear. I say, "Yes, Ian, would you and the band please play "Sossity; You're a Woman" without the vinyl inner groove distortion?"   Ian nods, and says, "By all means!"  And he does, then shakes my hand and vanishes.
    That format I'd buy.  24/96 of Benefit? Not a chance. 
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