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AKG new N90Q

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by akgunkie, Jan 6, 2015.
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  1. bosiemoncrieff
    I imagine boutique analog by definition must be worse than stock USB. You mean boutique USB? How about getting a wyrd?
  2. Mark R-S
    I travelled with the N90Q for the first time earlier this week, so I got to try the noise cancelling. I didn't buy them because they're noise cancelling, and I don't think of them as noise cancelling because it's so unobtrusive and they sound so good. I think of the noise cancelling as a by-product of the feedback control used to eliminate bass ringing. At the airport I had time to listen to the all the usual noise cancelling headphones, and the N90Q is obviously in a completely different league.

    I made a couple of short-haul (2.5 hour) flights, so I had good time to test them. Actually, there isn't much to say - It was just like being at home. The noise cancelling worked exceptionally well. The aircraft noise was reduced to a very low level across the whole frequency range, and I didn't need to increase the volume to compensate. In fact, I initially listened at a much lower level than I might have done at home as I didn't want to disturb the person next to me. I asked if they could hear anything, and they couldn't, so I increased the volume to a moderate level and they still weren't disturbed. It was strange to listen with such good sound quality whilest travelling. One thing I noticed was that as home I don't see much use for the tone control, but in a noisy environment I found that it was more useful - Perhaps it compensated somewhat for the small amount of background noise.

    I'm still really impressed with the N90Qs. I recently bought a pair of Denon D7200s, and the only way in which I prefer the Denons is for comfort. The N90Qs, have a much more balanced frequency response, and much better control over the bass.
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  3. bosiemoncrieff
    my hack coming home from Paris was putting my k3003i inside my qc25, but I'd like to upgrade to a proper high end noise cancelling can.
  4. Mark R-S
    The N90Qs are high-end headphones which just happen to be noise cancelling. Because of the them I've sold quite a few of my headphones, including things like Focal Elears, T5p.2 and T1.2. Actually, sometimes I think I should get rid of all my other headphones and headphone paraphernalia.
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  5. bosiemoncrieff
    But toobz! But multibit!
  6. Venture Guy
    There is a pair listed in the For Sale Forum...
  7. Hoejen79
  8. Venture Guy
    I haven't dealt with USB C, however I have used them with microUSB on my Nexus. I bought an OTG (On-The-Go) cable and they worked fine. I assume there is a similar cable for USB C...

    Happy Holidays,
    Last edited: Dec 21, 2017
  9. Hoejen79
  10. Venture Guy
  11. bosiemoncrieff
    I haven't found any lightning to microUSB cables. The question is whether N90Q would be able to work out of an iPhone+ without getting the "too much power" error. I've heard it works fine out of iPads, but not out of regular sized iPhones. If the iPhone+ (or iPhone X) were able to meet those power requirements, it would make the N90Q a much more attractive purchase. Limiting myself to my Macs and iPad—and the much inferior aux cable with the iPhone—would certainly be a mark against N90Q in my current state of affairs.
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  12. Venture Guy
    I was having the same power issue with my android phone, so I cut the +5 volt lead of the USB cable... that solved the problem. With iPhone you will need the CCK AFAIK. Then, you will need to try the same trick I tried. and see if it works.
  13. Hoejen79
    Thats funny Hal, a danish bike in the US...Don't know the person or bike - it looks like a crazy bike...Mine are Giant (MTB), Scott (Race)...almost everyone i Denmark ride a bike for transport - specially in the bigger cities - Copenhagen etc. Mine are for sports...Sorry for the off topic.

    Happy Holidays
  14. Mark R-S
    I use this type of cable, and it works well.

    Cable Matters® USB 2.0 Type C (USB-C) to Micro B (Micro USB) Cable with Braided Jacket in Black 1m https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00UUBRX0Y/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_EatpAbFB1V3F9
  15. hotteen
    I think I shared this info once a while ago. N90Q is self-powered, but some mobile devices think it uses too much power. To trick devices about the apparent power consumption issue, connect via a USB hub. Even a non-powered hub could work:

    I personally use a C2G hub for my N90Q, but I think plugable should work too, as shown by JDLabs for their ODAC:
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