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AKG new N90Q

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by akgunkie, Jan 6, 2015.
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  1. starman93
    Hi venture,i like rounded bass and full organic mids and slightly recessed highs(hate "monitor" or "studio" sounding HPsif you prefer),do you think these would suit my taste?I want your opinion after the burn in process(which may take long for some HPs,i remember my Audioquest NHs!).
  2. Venture Guy
    Just to calibrate, I put headphones in two categories: those that sound like near-field monitors and those that sound like speakers in a room. Another way of looking at it is detail versus musicality. I prefer musicality over detail. And, yes, I think the N90Qs are quite musical. You must break them in for at least 50 hours in my experience. Also, I run them direct digital most of the time, which I find awesome...
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  3. Venture Guy
    @jude awesome measurements... thanks! How about CSDs? I think AKG is doing some time-domain compensation for low end resonance (like a DEQX box in a speaker system), because to my ears the bass is exceptionally tight. This should show up in the CSD.
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2017
  4. maddib
    I'd like to answer in more detail.
    I've listened to a wide range of music with the N90Q for serveral months now. Using analogue output from conventional amp and DAP or USB audio from DAP and NAS. In all cases the experience has been very pleasing, but also unexpected. The sound is very precise, close, clear, and maybe a bit analytical. But one thing is for sure - the N90Q does not render deep or heavy bass as you may be used from NC headphones in the 400$ range. No matter what kind of music or what sort of amp and output signal - the N90Q is not able to reproduce such heavy bass sound.
    And I think the N90Q has been designed for clarity, not for hot ears :wink:. I like the sound very much, and I don't miss the bass.
    Just try it - and forget about some sort of burn-in :wink:.
  5. mabernat
    Ive had these n90Q LEs since October 2016. Purchased direct from AKG.

    I am not a headphone purist as the majority of cats on this forum. I do appreciate good recorded music, regardless of the genre.

    I'm a major fan of Philip glass, Art of Noise, Kraftwerk, as well as many 70s and 80s music. Jazz , soft rock... I mean I like it all.

    I also use these headphones with a sony MZ1, a DAT and cassette (Aiwa M800 exclusively listening/calibrated to TDK MAR-C Metal tape 60 minutes) , an iPad Pro (1st gen and now 2nd gen).

    The sound quality i experience with these are exactly what I want -- transparent, not coloring the sound. The TruNote really makes a difference to my tiny ears.

    I cant post up pie charts and graphs, I don't hear harsh highs like the guy who posted the video above--I think the video review is a bit harsh and i find the reviewer is over anaylzing the headphones.

    I'm not a daily use of this site so many may see that video reviewer as the gospel, but in the end i think the sound we all hear is going to be different than what someone else hears.

    These headphones are worth the full MSRP I paid for them (of course others disagree). I briefly flirted with getting some K872's/812's today (this is how I stumbled onto this thread--i was doing online reseasfch in opinions of those k series cans) but decided against that.

    Personally i love the ohver the top look of these gold series phones as they are unique. The fit is nice on my peanut head and these sound good when producing music on the AKAI MPC LIVE. I also tested these on the Artuira Audiofuse intrerface and it is just a marvelous system.

    Thank your for allowing me to post my opinions.
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2017
  6. Mark R-S
    Unfortunately I couldn't make it to Canjam, but these AKGs seem really interesting. The first I heard of them was in the Canjam video. Curiosity got the better of me, so I ordered a pair, and I'm really looking forward to hearing them tomorrow. I ordered black ones, but the gold do look amazing.
  7. Mark R-S
    I've been really enjoying these headphones. I listen exclusively via USB, and I was a little concerned about the durability of the micro USB connector, especially if the cable were to get snagged. I Just bought a magnetic coupling USB cable (same principle as a Magsafe connector), and it works well. The cable is nice and soft and flexible, and the magnet is strong enough to hold with normal use, but will release if the cable gets pulls, so there's no chance of damaging the headphones.

    20170731_134908.jpg 20170731_134844.jpg
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  8. Mark R-S
    I'm really enjoying the N90Qs. They're the most versatile headphones I've ever owned. They seem to do everything well, and I really appreciate the convenience of the built-in DAC. Considering what you get I think they're actually pretty good value. I think a lot of people will be put off though, because at this level people seem to like tinkering with different amp/DAC combos, but I'm just happy to have an all-in-one solution which sounds phenomenal.

    The only issue I have is that they don't stay put on my head if I move my head around too much or lie down - Do others have this problem.

  9. Mark R-S
    Thanks for the measurements. Is there a list of all of your measurements anywhere? It would be really good to compare these measurements with measurements of other headphones which have been make with the same equipment and methodology.

    Many thanks
  10. Psy974
    Hi !
    i just bought a N90Q and waiting for his delivery.
    i ve read some point about his internal DAC

    so my question is : once plugged on a AK240 , is it the AK240 DAC which is used or the N90 one ?
  11. Mark R-S
    The N90Qs have an analogue input (like traditional headphones) and a USB (digital) input. Both will use the N90Q's DAC. The difference is that if you use the analogue input, your AK240 will first convert signal to analogue with its own DAC, the N90Qs will then convert the signal back to digital, process it with the DSP, before converting it to analogue again.

    If you use the N90Q's USB input there's only one D/A conversion, and that's done by the N90Q's DAC.

    I haven't ever used my N90Q's analogue input, and I never will, as the USB input is clearly better.

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  12. Psy974
    Thanks Mark !
    So i assume all DSD files will be converted in 24/92 , right ?
  13. Mark R-S
    The N90Qs doesn't support DSD, and I never use it. Your AK240 would have to convert DSD to PCM 96/24 - I'm not sure if it can do this.
  14. bosiemoncrieff
    DSD is dead. Put down the external defibrillator and let it lie in peace.
  15. Acemcl
    Has anyone tried aftermarket cables with the N90Q?
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