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  1. Muinarc
    The k812 is a great resolving headphone to test out sampling theories. I'd recommend he get a couple of 24/96 or 192 albums, down sample some copies to 16/44 and let them decide if it makes a difference (it doesn't as far as I'm concerned).
  2. ChisChas
    Ha ha, another fellow Head-Fier spending my money for me! Actually, it's a good idea and I've been meaning to compare my Quobuz Doors albums with the 16/44.1 versions.
  3. ChisChas
    Happy Christmas to all my fellow K812 owners. I hope 2018 is good for you.
  4. ChisChas
    Am I the last one to find out about the incredible Sina (the 18 year old German woman) who has YouTube videos where she provides drum cover to a number of well known songs? I bought her CD 'Chi Might'. Watching her playing the drums made me feel a tad inadequate (but not badly so), she's 14 in one of the videos!
  5. Quadfather
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
  6. K 240 DF
    Now, after 2000 threads about AKG K812:

    I am a big big friend for the K 702 and there before the K 240 DF.
    Since a year along a tried out the K 712 in all kinds of listening, buuuuuut it is not my favorite - cause it is overall too muddy in the mids and treble. I tried many EQ but i don't want to use EQ anymore.

    So, please, could be the K 812 the solution for me?
  7. mmwwmm
    I’ve owned K702, K712 and now K812. I liked the K702 a lot and wanting “more” I tried the 712. Returned in two weeks for the same reason as you. I really don’t know how AKG did that headphone. Maybe listening to cuatomers wanting more bass and warmth but resulting at the end in a muddy and not very transparent headphone. K812 is simply the real evolution of the K702 sound. More air and a lot more transparent and live sound. With the right gear (a chord Mojo is a rather cheap and excellent match) and with the help of a good cable and proper burn in it’s an ultraadictive and delicious sounding headphone. His clarity is in my opinion unmatched among dynamic HPs but only a few and expensive exceptions (Focal Utopia came to mind).
    After reading your comments I think you’ll be very happy with the K812.

    Hope this helps.
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  8. K 240 DF

    thx a lot for your answer.
    This makes me really happy. I have never read any review which was exactly in the right way, and i read so many reviews around the world. Some people are talking about the harsh treble of the K 812 and so on...and always the people around who loves the hd 800 more than the AKG...horrible.
    I am walking for one year around the K 812 and after your special answer of my question i klick the button!
    I will tell u after a few hours of listening next week, if UPS will arrive in time.

    Thx again,
    good greetings
  9. Quadfather
    To me it seems like the treble is Source dependent
  10. K 240 DF
    ...and able to say something like this makes me happy, because it means that treble is in most time bad mixed. I read some reviews from engineers who cannot go with the k 812 because they don't accept the truth.
    In my case i used to love the k 702 because a snare which was hit hard with a strong tympanic membrane sounds really hard and makes my ears hurt, so, whats up? Its the truth...
    A cant stand the K 712 with the extra portion of muddy around the presence area any more. Every thing sounds soft, no hit, no truth ...
  11. Quadfather
    I was able to get the AKG K812 to sound absolutely phenomenal on my Lotoo Paw Gold Diana once I figured out the parametric equalizer; I was able to even things out the way I wanted. Lotoo has the best parametric equalizer...zero distortion to any frequencies altered. It amazes me because it's considered a bright digital audio player. The Questyle QP1R also does a very nice job with these headphones.
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  12. FritzS
    My experience say's ‘Yes‘ too!

    I have an had listen a lot of AKGs too. AKGs 8xx series is a grade (range) over the 7xx series and offer a lot more fine details in music.

    Otherwise K812 is a 'swiss knife / scalpel for sound engineers' and don't forgive bad highs (treble).
    The closed K872 is more relaxed in this case. K872 without the inner foam ring is a very god headphone for those, who have problems with treble.

    Take an event at your distributor or visit a local head-fi meeting and listen both!

    PS: The most difference in sound between K70x and K712 are the not angled pads from K712.
    I have an Q701 too and this headphone is similar to K701 - both have angled pads.
    If I take not angled pads from K712 on Q701 (I have a second set of this pads) I could not distinguish both without fail.
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  13. K 240 DF

    ..thx for reply.
    I am really in hope!
    Does the K 702 has more or less treble versus K 812? Hm, maybe they are not comparable?!
  14. mocenigo
    I have the K7xx, which is very similar to the K712.

    Firstly, for some reason the driver takes ages to burn in, and it sounds much more closed at the beginning than after about 200 hours of play. I was very disappointed, initially, too. They opened quite a bit.

    Secondly, the ear pads are horrible, they make the bass bloated, while at the same time veiling the mids and highs too much. I have replaced them with Dekoni ear pads - the perforated lambskin type - that made the bass much tighter but also a bit lighter. The second mod I applied was to create doughnuts of thin leather (window cleaning goat leather – you can also use the artificial type), cut to 4/5ths of the circumference, and placed them between the grille in front of the driver and the thin foam, the 1/5th opening in front. Also, I made the upper 1/5th reflecting towards the driver by covering it with a few layers of tape. The result was that the bass now has a smaller opening, and this is reinforce (I loaded it essentially with a smaller aperture), the highs and mids are much brighter and clearer, but not dominant. Another advantage of the smaller opening is that esp the higher frequencies reach the ear from a less spread out range of paths, and therefore there is less cancelation, resulting in better linearity.

    The gap to the K812 has thus been reduced, but the K812 is still worlds ahead. Its clarity and transparency is outstanding. However, now I often bring the less expensive, modified K7xx with me on business trips instead of the K812, to listen to some music in the evening in the hotels...


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  15. mocenigo
    There K812 got a very bad review from the so-called uber-reviewer of headphones (big ego, has measuring equipment, fine ears but very little in between), and thus the online sheep community follows him and bashed them. This hurt their reputation undeservedly.

    This said, the K812 have some problems in the highs, and it would be interesting to study how to tame those peaks. However, the combination with the Chord Mojo makes it into a killer combo, just to make one example.



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