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AKG K812 Pro

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by ra97or, Oct 10, 2013.
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  1. Ra97oR
    I have got the pleasure to listen to AKG’s new flagship headphone K812 Pro, it is a professional aimed headphone and frankly comes with little bell and whistles.
    The headphone is constructed very solidly in metal. Gone are the hidden squeaky cup swivel system that are on the K701, the K812 comes with a metal, 2 way swivel for the same movement without any noise.  The removable cable is a 3 pin metal spring loaded connector on the headphone side but a cheap rubber thread 3.5mm plug on the other end. The cable is also less than spectacular, similar to the rubbery, springy type on the K701 but seems to be even thinner; the thinner flexible cable does offer superior comfort to other heavier and stiffer cable on other high-end headphone, but surely feels less premium.
    The comfort is excellent with a well-designed ear pad system and the familiar suspended headband.  Unlike the K7XX, the headband doesn’t suspend on a spring as such. It is just like any other headphones and have stepped adjustment system.
    Headphone: AKG K812 Pro   Impedance: 36 ohms    Efficiency: 110dB/V
    Amp: Lehmann Black Cube Linear
    Smartphone: Sony Xperia Z1 with FLAC
    Quick impression points:
    Excellent frontal depth perception
    Well separated but coherent sound
    Texture is there but falls behind other flagship, especially the planar
    Sounds surprising good out of a smartphone
    Doesn’t sound piecing even on brighter tracks and a smartphone
    With the same test track “Eagles – Hotel California (Live) from Hell Freeze Over” on both a smartphone and the full system, the differences are there but even out of a smartphone, it sounds excellent.
    The noticeable differences are the poorer bass impact, decay and a narrower soundstage. The drums taken a hit on the presentation, but the vocal are still excellent with the guitar solos in the middle very well separated and textured nicely.
    Listening with smartphone:
    Song list:
    LiSA - Crossing Field - Brightness test
    Utada Hikeru - Beautiful World - Vocals
    supercell - ODDS & ENDS - Brightness and bass impact
    Hearing the performance out of a smartphone on well recorded piece, I was sceptical that it will continue to perform well with less well recorded music.
    I even choose some brighter pieces just to make sure it is going to stab my eardrums with unbearable treble.
    Well, guess what? It didn’t happen, the brightness is very well tamed even on bright songs and female vocal extends beautifully. Deeper bass does suffers with the lack of power and authority and faster hits sometimes becomes blurred.
    That is a marked achievement for a pair of high-end headphones, as most flagships sound downright terrible on such devices.
    Bad smartphone pictures:
    Nice slight blue tint going through the grill because of the colour of the coating on the driver unit.
    Manual adjustment system, lots of small increments but note that "rail" is made of plastic.
    The very solid 2 axis cup swivel, one joint on the black outer frame, and another in the silver inner frame.
    Close up on the metal spring loaded 3 pin plug.
    Very basic, if not cheap feeling rubber 3.5mm threaded plug on the other end.
    A pair of easy to drive headphones, not picky with source or amp with a sound signature (or rather without a distinctive sound signature) that is hard to fault.
    Thin flexable cable (good and bad), excellent comfort and very much a neutral sound out of even a smartphone.
    Generic wood headphone stand that you will most likely seen it hundreds of times
    Cheap rubber plug
    The removable cable is only 3 pin and not balanced.

    Of course, this is my personal impression, your thoughts might vary. And hope the efficiency figure could help out pairing for people that want to get their hands on it.
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  2. Ra97oR
    Reserved for editing or further thoughts.
  3. emertxe
    Thank you very much for your impressions :) What's your take on the pleather pads? Any comparison regarding clamping force with HD800 or x7xx series?
  4. Ra97oR
    The pleather pad on it is nicer one out there, not as good as the feel of the TH900 but the comfort is just as good if not better. The clamping force is unnoticeable, and I think it similar to the HD800.
  5. ubs28
    You think these headphones sound great out of an Apogee One / Duet? (I use headphones for my Macbook Pro instead of speakers most of the time). 
    I'm waiting for a headphone that beats the HD800 and is easy to drive :)
  6. SleepyOne
    Agreed very comfortable & light!
  7. emertxe
    Very good to know about the clamping force... really good news!
  8. RedBull
    Thanks for the impression, sounds good.

    How do you compare the timbre vs hd800?
    You mentioned the texture falls from other flagship. Any more deeper description on that? as i LOVE timbre detail and realism from hd800, i have a little concern about that.
  9. Acix
    "Texture is there but falls behind other flagship, especially the planar", Texture do you mean sound resolution/ imaging/ instrument separation, to what planar are we taking about?
  10. Ra97oR
    The K812 mainly suffer from the bass texturing, the subtle bass decay is not very pronounced compare to something like the LCD3 or HE6 or even TH900. Sound resolution is there, but somewhat harder to pick up due to no noticeable emphasis over the spectrum. Which I will say it's a good thing.
  11. Acix
    Lets say, the bass have more texture compare to the SA5000?
  12. Acix
    lol, I'm trying to squeeze answers from you, eventually I'll need to listen them for myself.
  13. Ra97oR

    Let's leave it at "different" bass presentation. My amp used on the SA5000 is very different.
  14. tranhieu
    Yo good music taste there. Another vocaloid & anime song fan here [​IMG]
    Thanks for the  impression btw. Looks like AKG has something else to take pride in besides the K1000.
  15. TitaniteXtreme
    Thanks for the impression! How does it sounds like if compared to AKG K712 Pro?
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