AKG K812 Pro

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by ra97or, Oct 10, 2013.
  1. K 240 DF
    ..i did many things with my k 712:

    - changed the Foam from 702 to 712, too
    - made biwireing
    - changed earpads
    - a lot of experiments with different foams

    At the end: playing more in the foreground but at the end muddy!
    I cant stand it to buy a product which includes to DIY...bad job AKG.
  2. K 240 DF
    Something i must say: the K 712 is not a bad Player. I would not go back to K702. Best thing to say about the K 712 is, that this HP is an allrounder. But i am locking forward :)
  3. FritzS
    K812, K872 are another league over!
    K702 (K701, Q701, K712) have lesser treble than K812 for me.
  4. FritzS
    K712 - Make a test, use angled K701 pads and listen!
  5. mocenigo
    Yea, I wanted to, but could not find them!

  6. mocenigo
    Argh! Why did I check? Now they are in stock at Thomann...
  7. K 240 DF
    ...have u watched this hard and bad opinion of the AKG K812?

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  8. Quadfather

    Opinions are only functional to their owners.
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  9. Me x3
    @K 240 DF

    Well you know...
    No matter how you make things, someone might come and say you've done it wrong.

    For some reason Tyll is kind of blamed for the reputation of the AKG K812 but if you read his review you'll find many good things like these:

    Source: Innerfidelity
    Good reviews should always be taken in context of the reviewer's personal preferences.
    Most of us know Tyll has a preference for warm and relatively soft sounding headphones, and the AKG K812 is pretty much in the opposite direction.
  10. K 240 DF
    ...good point, good level :)
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  11. Quadfather
    I respect others' opinions. I will do my own testing to confirm whether or not I will adopt said opinion into my brain's stable of opinions. Blind faith or rapid agreement is folly.
  12. K 240 DF
    Hi Me x3,

    thx for that summary. Hm, when he is a Softer, so why does he not point out that fact? He makes the thing very unclear...and people like me are maximum confused.
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  13. Quadfather
    Confusion is a way of life in this hobby. LOL
  14. K 240 DF
    ..ok, also LOL. We will see next week, when i put these nice cans on :)
    I hope that Confusion will stop immediately for a long long time :))
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  15. Quadfather
    I really like the AKG K812 on Questyle QP1R and Lotoo Paw Gold Diana. Great big soundstage with great detail and liveliness!

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