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Advanced AcousticWerkes W900 Hybrid Flagship Thread

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  1. jelt2359 Contributor
    As I wrote before, I have quite a lot of experience with dynamic cans. I own the HD800, the S, the 650, the 600, the Utopia... The HD800S on my OTL amp is one of my absolute favourite setups of all time. Dynamic drivers in full size cans are very resolving, but not necessarily the last word in terms of visceral impact. They'll show you everything, especially something like the HD800 or Utopia, but they lack that heart-stopping punch on a HE6. On the other hand a planar like the HE6 will show you much less, drawing not in pencil detail but in flashes of oil-based Pollock.
    The W900 hues much closer to the traditional strengths of a dynamic driver. The W500 felt like it was going for the HE6 type impact- big, bold. Combine this with the BA drivers in there and I can definitely hear why some people felt the bass was flowing in slow-motion. Everything is relative. Just like, relative to a BA driver, the W500's dynamic bass driver felt like the king of the abyss. But pair a big, bold dynamic with a lightning quick BA as in the W500 and of course you'll hear a difference. It's tastefully done in the W500, though. One of my good friends likes the W500 with his EDM, which is more of the Paul van Dyke variety, and he's perfectly fine with the W500's speed. That's not wrong. It suits his music great.
    Which brings me to this: ultimately it depends a lot on what genres you listen to. If you like to listen to something more complex with lots going on like jazz (plenty of low-level detail needed to recreate that atmosphere), orchestral (complex) and well-mastered EDM, you'll probably like the W900 a lot better. If you just want something guilty, something big, bold and beautiful, something like a never-ending cheat day, then the W500 is for you.
    The two IEMs are really not successors to one another at all. In the sense that the W900 is an evolution of AAW's quest to get more out of dynamic drivers and improve the coherency in a hybrid, then yes, it is a successor. But if you're expecting a W500v2, then just stick to the one you've got- you won't find it here.
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  2. Barra

    AAW US Demo Tour - W900, W500, plus two Surprises - Starting March 2017

    Good news for US fans, I have talked Grace into a US tour featuring the W900 and W500 plus two unannounced new releases. The two surprise demos will be announced at CANJAM Singapore before kicking off this tour. If you are interested in signing up for the tour, I have launched the tour thread at: 
  3. MuZo2
  4. Mimouille
    Very different sounding. The AAW900 is slightly warmer, with more punchy yet controlled bass, the treble on the AAW900 is more laid back. The P8 stage is more around you, whole the AAW900 is more a few meters away in front of you. The AAW900 is also fuller while the P8 has a leaner and more aggressive presentation.
  5. Anaken
    oh my w900 came in the mail today! im so excited :)
     first impressions and the sound stage is incredible!
  6. sawrym
    Hey Mim! 

    Can you compare AAW900 to the Zeus (R and XIV) and 5way Ult? I'm very interested in the their new flagship :) 
  7. Mimouille
    To the Zeus not really as I don't have them with me and prefer not to compare from memory. Compared to the SE5 Ultimate, I would say they share similar traights. The AAW900 has more punch in the mid bass, the SE5 treble is a bit more airy, and the SE5 has more subbass. I would need to listen side by side to say more.
  8. chungjun
    How did CamJam SG go? Couldn't make it. Heard there are suppose to be new product by AAW?
    Edit: Apart from the W900 :)
  9. Lucif6r6th
    M40 - 4BA
    A2H pro V2 - 1BA, 1DD
    A3H pro V2 - 2BA, 1DD
  10. vhsownsbeta

    W900 has arrived. I'm still trying to wrap my head around what is going on. Bass is delicious, although kind of reserved at the same time. Mids are exactly where I want them to be. There is more treble presence than I expected (based on others impressions). Or maybe I'm just not used to this much extension [​IMG]
  11. jelt2359 Contributor
    Sounds about right. Put on some fast tracks and hear the blaze of glory. 
  12. tangents
    Those look really nice — is it your own custom design?
    How is the fit and seal?
  13. vhsownsbeta


    Yes. Clear acrylic with black glitter. I am really happy with how they turned out.

    They are big universals but they feel smaller than they actually are and fit/seal surprisingly well.
  14. flinkenick
    Any news on those filters? [​IMG]
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  15. crinacle
    Paging @DrGraceW 'cause I've also been anticipating it since I got my W900 almost three months ago.
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