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Advanced AcousticWerkes W900 Hybrid Flagship Thread

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  1. nekromantik
    How much is the universal version of the W900?
  2. tim0chan
    same as the custom
  3. jmills8
    That means 2K ?
  4. tim0chan
    Basically(im in sg so dont really know the conversion rates)
  5. bvng3540
  6. karloil
    I really liked how your design turned out - very classy looking. Mind if I ask - is this a CT15 shell with EL07 faceplate and L01 logo?
  7. hung031086
    Where do you order an universal version ? I only saw the custom one.
  8. tangents
    I ordered my universal from Null Audio. I added a note during checkout, and also sent them a follow up message with my order number.
  9. hung031086
    I only saw the custom one on null audio website. So you ordered the custom one and added note that you want a universal one ?
  10. tangents
    Yes, the universal is fully customizable. Choose your options, then during checkout there's a spot for adding a note. Just tell them you want the universal version.
    hung031086 likes this.
  11. sonickarma
    It doesn't support the filters that have yet to be shipped as CIEM nozzles have the hollow for the filters I was advised
  12. tangents
    Yes that's correct — I was told the universal shells do not support the filters. By "customizable" I was referring to the various colour and faceplate options on the order form.
  13. hung031086
    Anyone knows that how long they take to make a custom universal w900 ?
  14. bvng3540

    Per their website The lead-time for this product is 7-8 weeks, from the date ear impression is received
  15. hung031086
    They need ears impression for universal one ?
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