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Advanced AcousticWerkes W900 Hybrid Flagship Thread

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  1. San Man
    I'd like to hear this when the tour  starts
  2. Barra
    Will definitely be posting the notice here.
  3. justrest
    Can I join from Canada?
  4. DWbirdseye

    You're the man!:blush: Thanks for thinking ahead.
  5. flipper203
    No European tour?
  6. proedros
    +1 , very interested in it
  7. Mimouille
    I left a few comments on the site: https://www.null-audio.com/collections/custom-in-ear-monitor/products/advanced-acousticwerkes-w900-reference-hybrid-custom-in-ear-monitor? 
    jelt2359 and sonickarma like this.
  8. SoundArtillery
    Your comments on in the review section sum up my sentiments exactly.
  9. flipper203
    did anyone compar it to W500 amorph ? 
  10. Mimouille

    Thank you

    Different beasts. The AAW900 is more neutral, the AAW500 has stronger bass from memory.
  11. SoundArtillery
    I can only compare from memory, because I upgraded my W500, but I will say I consistently find myself discovering new detail in bass tracks that I didn't hear with the W500.  The W500 did not have one note bass at all, but the W900 is even further from that concept.  I think some may be hearing this difference as decidedly less bass from the W900 compared to the W500.  But I actually feel that I'm hearing more quality bass with the same epic impact.  I don't find myself wishing for the old W500 bass in the least.  The W900 is an excellent upgrade.
  12. tim0chan
    think warm, sweet, thick and slower like honey, while the w900 is more dry, neutral and cold
  13. Lucif6r6th
    I feel that w500 bass swings its bat in slow motion, the only thing that kept me from it... :frowning2:
  14. crinacle
    Just had a short run with a friend's W500 actually. Here are my notes:
    Rumbly bass with deep and resonating hits. Energetic mids that has the tendency to sound harsh. Thick and heavy notes that works well with vocals and strings. Laidback treble that's somewhat muted.
    Less deep-end rumble but better separated against the midrange and more rounded in its hits. Neutral mids with intense detail in the vocals. Very slightly warm tonality, though in comparison to the W500 it's cold and dry. Treble is more in line with neutrality than laid-back, though portrays airiness and shimmer more realistically than the W500. Absolutely no contest in terms of soundstaging and imaging.
  15. Wil
    I guess the question now is - is it really worth the moolah to upgrade the W500 to the W900? 
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