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adapter for older alo docking cable (works with my ipod nano 2g, but not my itouch 3g

  1. 563
    Will this work without any sound degradation? http://cablejive.com/charge-converter  - how large is it?  
     Or is there a better item on the market?  (smaller/less impact on sound, etc.?)  I want to use my ipod touch 3g with my ray samuels sr-71a.  Thanks!
  2. The Fed
    The older LOD's for iPod were a simple 3 pin connection (2,3, and 5 I think).
    Newer iPod touches and iPhones require a resistor jumper wire from pins 11 & 15 to pin 21 inside the LOD for functionality.
    I am not sure what type of sonic degradation you would get but I would think there would be some (whether audible or inaudible) for passing through a second series of connections and having a jack'd connection rather than a wired connection.
    Also with a dock stub and a LOD you're going to have dock that's over 2" sticking out the back of your iPod.
    I would just get a new LOD....
    Head Direct has a reasonable one http://head-direct.com/Products/?act=detail&id=68
    Or a more impressive one http://head-direct.com/Products/?act=detail&id=69
    iBasso has an affordable one http://www.ibasso.com/en/products/show.asp?ID=55
    Or get one of the guys on this site who builds them to hook you up.
    Then you can sell me your older Alo LOD because I have a 5th gen Ipod :wink:
  3. humphy01
    Will your 5th gen iPod work with his alo lod?
  4. 563
    my ipod 5.5g is an imod, so i would not use the alo cable for that (you need a special cable for the imods) - my alo lod cable will work with my ipod nano 2g, but not with my ipod touch 3g.  it's a pretty cable, so i'd like to hang on to it, even though i don't use my nano 2g much, but that's why i'm wondering whether there's an adapter that would enable me to use the cable for my ipod touch 3g, which i do use more than the nano 2g ...
    i suppose i would be willing to do an even steven swap for a similar alo cable that is compatible with the ipod touch 3g, if anyone has one (not posting this in the classifieds, since i just thought of this, and i'm lukewarm to the idea still...)
  5. The Fed
    Fair enough.... I don't have an Alo cable so I am out of the running. Best of luck in your search.
  6. 563
    thanks all ... well, i do have an old ALO LOD cable, a bit discolored, that i'll try out when i get home from my business trip, that might work.  dumb question, i didn't cause any harm to my ipod touch 3g by using the wrong LOD cable, did i?  (i know that the wrong LOD is an absolute no-no with the imod). 
    i'm still open, by the way, to any suggestions ...
  7. Pingupenguins
    ALO is great with customer service. Maybe send it back to them to have it retrofitted.
  8. 563
    you know, it's been a long time since i bought a cable from them (and it was a different one; i bought this one second hand off of head-fi); i'm not sure they'd be willing to do that, but i guess it can't hurt to ask - if they can do it at a nominal fee, i would definitely go for it.  i'll let you know what i hear...
  9. Pingupenguins
    If your in a crunch, you can just head over to the DIY section and ask someone to help you.
  10. 563
    well, sure enough, alo said they can't do the mod - no big deal, as i have an old lod cable i can use, even if, cosmetically, it isn't as pretty as this one.  this is what they had to say:  
    Unfortunately we can't change the terminations on our LOD cables.  The reason is that we re-enforce the terminations with special epoxy that has a great dialectic property to help keep the cables in place.  This especially important for portable cables which are, by their nature, subjected to rigorous use.  
    oh well - i'll just use my old lod cable, if i can find it!

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