1. The many cables of the ifi iDSD Black

    The many cables of the ifi iDSD Black

    The many cables of the ifi iDSD Black Having owned this since late April, (thank you so much Pat for the opportunity to use and review this product!) I have had the pleasure of using this DAC with various home and portable audio products. Since there are so many reviews dealing with this...
  2. Gnarkill283

    Fiio LOD for iphone 5?

    Looking for LOD for the new iphone - anyone seen one or no when one will come out?
  3. Ghaunty22

    Any real noticeable Difference with LOD vs 3.5mm with Ipod4?

    Comparing a wide variety of songs on my HD600s off the ipod 4 through portable amp. There is hardly any differnce in qualty. The LOD is just a little quieter & probably better clarity, although i think its a placebo. But from what ive read I was hoping it would be super clear as it passes the...
  4. spickerish

    Dockconnector-to-rca cable, bypass iPod DAC?

    Quick question guys. If you use a dockconnector-to-rca cable and connect it to a dac/amp, in my case a Corda Cantate, does the audio signal bypass the iPod's internal DAC?

    Budget iPod line out to RCA cable hard to find. Please help!

    Hey guys, I've been wanting to use my iPod as a source with my amplifier. The amplifier I want to use only has the red and white rca inputs. I thought it would be easy to find a nice budget priced cable that goes from the line out of the iPod to a set of rca plugs. I've spent the last hour...
  6. xsaqzw

    LOD for iPhone 5?

    I picked up a set of the V-Moda M-80's (fantastic by the way) and have been looking at purchasing the E17 for my iPhone 5. I know most people run the LOD cable from their iPhone, but since they changed the dock connector on the new iPhone it will no longer work. I was wondering if anyone was...
  7. throzen0303

    iPhone 5 Line out?

    The new iPhone 5 will be announced in less than 2 hours, if the lightning port is replacing the 30-pin connector now,  how would the LOD look or is it even possible to make LOD anymore?
  8. BigFNDeal

    Impact of pending Apple dock change on LODs

    Just wanted to get everyone's $0.02 on the impending 30-in to 9-pin dock connector change and its potential impact on the litany of LODs out there.  Would an adapter impact the benefit of using an LOD from an iPhone?  Curious to hear everyone's thoughts.
  9. Gibsonorbust

    GroveDock - Cut Vinyl iPhone Stand

    Hi Head-Fi, I am a longtime lurker and have recently been working on an iPhone dock.   I call it GrooveDock, an iPhone stand made of 66 unique pieces of cut vinyl records. It features a sculpted acoustic horn which boosts sound 7 db (@ 1 kHz).    My friend and co-designer Charles and I...
  10. Mitchgo

    will an LOD cable work with MOG/Spotify on an iphone?

    First i apologize if this has been addressed elsewhere....tried to find an answer by searching but no luck. Second, been lurking here for a few years and LOVE this community. You guys have been immensely helpful to my ignorant brain. I bought a pair of Grado 60i's thanks to this forum. (love...
  11. phunkfarm

    I have a Phonesuit battery case on my iPhone need a LOD with a micro usb port to 1/8" cable

    Not to be confused, my definition of "micro USB"  is the flat Motorola type charging standard, not "mini USB" which looks like a trapezoid.   By the way, I have a Alpine deck in my car and I replaced my iPhone cable from my head unit to a Motorola cable and have perfect audio and charging...
  12. Audiophile03

    iPod to USB Mini LOD?

    Does anyone know where to buy or if it is possible to make a short iPod to USB mini cable for an iPod/mobile headphones amp setup?
  13. 563

    adapter for older alo docking cable (works with my ipod nano 2g, but not my itouch 3g

    Will this work without any sound degradation? http://cablejive.com/charge-converter  - how large is it?      Or is there a better item on the market?  (smaller/less impact on sound, etc.?)  I want to use my ipod touch 3g with my ray samuels sr-71a.  Thanks!
  14. Audiophile03

    iPod LOD

    I am looking for a high quality short LOD preferably under the $50 mark. Any suggestions?
  15. Smogg

    Oh Crap...

    I just bought a Fiio E6 for my upcoming roadtrip.   I have an ipod touch, (4th generation)   Am I going to need to buy a separate Line-Out-Dock thingy (LOD Cable) to connect the Fiio to my ipod?  Or will the 3.5mm-to-3.5mm jack work just fine?   What's the difference? Do they both work...
  16. UNCbassbone

    Best way to play iPhone over speakers?

    I'm not very familiar with LODs, or what you send the line-out to. Do you guys just plug it into your home theater or something? I'm looking for something that won't be tremendously loud (I'm in a dorm), but is still better than the run of the mill speaker-dock. I don't really have a budget as...
  17. 563

    Hooking up an Imod to my car via the Isimple IS77

    I'm about to get an IS77, so, please, my question is specific to this, and not to something else I could have bought or should buy - Normally, you would connect the ipod device via the LOD dock to the cable which runs to the IS77.    With an Imod, of course, you need to use a headphone amp (in...
  18. Xinn3r

    Fiio L9 or iPod Touch Problem?

    Hi, I just bought a Fiio L9 LO for my iTouch, and when the L9 is plugged in, I can only hear the left side working. Naturally, I contacted the seller and he said he can arrange for a new one.   But he also said to check first whether it was the L9, or is it my iTouch LO that's the...
  19. sysfail

    Pure i20 Questions.

    I have been reading up on the Pure i20 and kind of understand how it works, but I'm still a little confused. I mainly use my 5th generation iPod (iPod Video 30gb & 60gb) with my FiiO E9 for music listening. So I basically dock my iPod on the Pure i20 and then hook up the i20 to my FiiO E9, but...
  20. branqazwsx

    Is an expensive LOD necessary?

    I currently have an iPod Classic going into a PA2V2 amp with a $7 Fiio L3 LOD. Coming out of the amp I have a set of Beyerdynamic DT 1350's. I was wondering if I am missing that much with my cheep little LOD. Do the more expensive LOD's from places like ALO Audio offer that much more to my music...
  21. KingOfTheWild

    Sendstation PocketDock Line Out Mini USB

    Does anybody have experience with this product?: http://www.sendstation.com/us/products/pocketdock/lineout-miniusb.html if so does it noticeably improve the sound quality of your iPod/headphones? I know it would be better to get an amp for an iPod but this is temporary until I figure out which...
  22. palestofwhite

    Fostex HP-P1 benefits from higher quality USB > Dock connector cable?

    Just wondering, I've just acquired the HP-P1 and I'm using a stock apple docking cable for it. Will there be any audible difference if I use a better quality cable such as one from ALO or Whiplash?
  23. thepredestrian

    Help for LOD pinout to iPhone 4

    Seeking help from any DIY-er out here   Im making a LOD for the iPhone 4. Ive found the pin out to be soldering 11, 15 and 16 to the ground, 3 for the right and 4 for the left. However, no sound comes out.   There is also no sound when it was plugged into the iPod Video.   Are my pin...
  24. Jimbobwey

    iPod dock cable to USB Type B interconnect

    I have been searching all day for an iPod to USB type B interconnect and can't find this type of cable...do I just suck or is there an actual cable out there dodging my eyes? I'd be wanting to connect my iPod to my freshly bought Maverick Audio TubeMagic D1 DAC through the digital USB input in...
  25. busstonedfx

    2nd Gen Ipod touch (broken headphone jack) - LOD only solution?

    So now the left channel for Ipod Touch will intermittently go out. This is the 2nd time, my 2nd Ipod. I do not want to brick another ipod! ...I gave my mom the first one.... she only EVER listens to music in one ear.... she's paranoid and likes to hear her surroundings on the train :P. Doubt...