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Acoustic Research AR-M200

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by audionewbi, Aug 12, 2017.
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  1. chaotic_angel
    Any body share their file of 1.0.747 please?
  2. gr8soundz
    Last edited: Jun 10, 2019
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  3. tawie
    the official website is down, where can i get the newest firmware?
  4. chaotic_angel
    I have 1.0.751 if you like
  5. tawie
    thank you. I got 1.0.754, but somebody said that the sound signature changed and told me not upgrade it, don't know how about 1.0.751, is this firmware version ok?
    if you want I can sent 1.0.754 to you. pm you my email.
  6. gr8soundz
    I'm unsure if .751 exists (may have been a typo on my part). Also thought .752 was the last one. For reference, can anyone list all the firmwares that were actually released.
    tawie likes this.
  7. chaotic_angel
    Woops, sory my bad I mean 1.0.752, thank you
  8. chaotic_angel
    on 1.0.754 any bug found? if you unplugged the phone, screen off then plugged it back press play but no sound heard and no option other than to restart the m200.
  9. tawie
    donot use 1.0.754 , just use 744 now.
    here is 754 firmware.
  10. chaotic_angel
    may I know what bug existing in 1.0.754?
  11. chaotic_angel
    hi, had the silent issue in 1.0.752 i am happy to inform that in 1.0.754 the issue gone, i am using 128gb. Thanks @tawie I do not find any changes on soundsignature, or it is just my ears :)
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  12. chaotic_angel
    during charging do you leave it ON or Shut it down? and how long in general it takes from 0 to 100% charged?
  13. tawie
    thank you, I just upgrade to 1.0.754, and just good so far.
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  14. tawie
    somebody told me that the sound signature is changed,I just upgrade and the sound is ok.
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  15. tawie
    keep On and 2~3 hours with 2A current.
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