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Acoustic Research AR-M200

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by audionewbi, Aug 12, 2017.
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  1. mik000000
    I received my M200 yesterday on the Massdrop buy. like others above at $100 i could not resist.
    Initial impressions, - the sound quality is outstanding. the UI is not good but not as bad as everybody said.
    i am however having trouble loading files on. i initially put in a 128gb card with music on it. the system saw the directories but said there were no files to play. i reformatted in the device and then recopied files to it via the usb cable. The transfer rate is painfully slow. and on a couple of occasions when i thought i had copied files to a directory when i checked later the directory was empty.

    is there any magic i am missing here? is there a specific format i need to follow to store files?
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  2. trellus

    What format are your files? According to Massdrop it supports FLAC, ALAC, WAV, DSD.
  3. mik000000
    it also supports mp3. my files are mix of flac and mp3.

    looks like the player did not like the sd card. i put in a different one and formatted in the M200.i then copied files over on a card reader. worked much faster.
    new problem however is i then put the card in the DAP and when i tried to play any file it would freeze for 10-12 seconds and then reboot. i updated the firmware same issue. i am now using a 3rd sd card and copying the files over in groups testing and then copying next batch. i am up to F and everything seems ok...for now
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  4. Matpar
    Hi, problem with BT here: I succeded in pairing BT with my smartphone, I get the Song in the display but no sound occurs... Any ideas?

    Edit: changed BT codec settings on Mobile puone, It seems to be working...
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2019
  5. chaotic_angel
    Hello owners M200, can somebody provide comparison M200 VS Xduoo X3 (1st gen) VS Auune M1s please?
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  6. chaotic_angel
    @pitsel perhaps, I am looking forward to hear from you om Peter :L3000:
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  7. cattlethief
    just got the m200 yesterday along with the E10, this must be the deal of the year, the sound from both the dap and iem are excellent and better than mid hifi
    the ui is not bad, simple and easy to use, the screen is nice as long as you are in doors and the build is very good, the bonus is the 4.4 balanced output and it looks like the E10 is tuned for the m200 as they are a great match, format your card to fat 32 and with mac or windows transfer your music across, I use kid 3 on my mac for tagging and art,the sq is superb, I bought it for the bluetooth which is great but the player has surprised me. I sold my Hiby r6 as this sound better over balanced,I see its popped up again on massdrop so might get another.
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  8. hqssui
    I will try to share my impressions (M200 vs M1s)

    UI and OS Features
    - Both have bare-bone OS, but Aune's is faster and better implemented.
    - Some basic functionalities like long press a button to return back to home screen or navigate to the next/previous page of the track list is not implemented in M200. This can be a real pain when you have plenty of folders or tracks.
    - M200 makes a popping noise when user selects a track from the track list for playing. This can be quite loud and annoying while using high sensitive iems.
    - M1S makes a popping noise when you skip tracks, but I felt it's not that loud as M200. This is especially noticeable while using balanced mode in M1s.
    - On both devices, the screen has to be turned on first before the user can proceed with operations like track skipping or volume adjustments.

    Sound Characteristics
    - I find the M1S to be a neutral sounding DAP.
    - M200 has a warm tonality and it's done in a very nice way.

    Sound wise I prefer M200 over M1s and love it's sound signature. I have been using it as my daily driver for last 6 months. For $99 (Massdrop price), I think it's a steal. Hope this helps.
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2019
  9. alpha421
    Any news on a FW update?
  10. cattlethief
    Totally agree at the end of the day sq is what really matters unless the player is totally unusable, the m200 has a basic ui and could do with a firmware upgrade but it is no way a piece of junk as someone had quoted, it has a very good build a lovely lcd screen,balanced output and a nice bluetooth function, so what if it has a few quirks.I would bet no player under £400 would better its sound.
    Ive also had the sony zx300 and from the balanced out it sounds as good if not better.
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2019
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  11. cattlethief

    maybe a bit overkill but my phone only does apt x and just had to try aptx hd
    and it sounds great!
    Not many players at this price range can stream 24bit.
  12. Matpar
    This Is something I would like to assess; my phone goes with the sbc codec, but with some hard work It might go with aptx.

    Question Is, difference between codec Is that huge? I.e. with High res FLAC or DSD...


    P.s. totally agree with some previous posts, this DAP with proper headphones in 4.4 balanced Is Just worth every penny! Btw, gui imho does Speed up a lot if you use stripped down files, meaning no tags or cover art etc..
  13. Extrasensory
    Why this drop is taking so long...

    I ordered one on the first day (April 15) but still my order has not been shipped, showing "Order placed with the vendor". Some people in the same country as mine got it shipped to their hands already although they ordered on the first day too.
  14. RuFrost
    Does anybody use m200 with earbuds like bs1,to400s,ve zen....?

    Does it have enough power to drive them?

    Are there any plans to make it learn to return to home screen? Ibasso dx80 can't do it and it is really uncomfortable...like really)

    Also, does it show in the folder tree the file in which folder is played and the file itself in the folder? X7, x7ii, LPG, "music folder player" on android has such design/function.
  15. udesign48
    M200 balanced output vs Sony ZX300 or ZX2 balanced output?

    Do you guys think M200 balanced output sound as good?

    For $100, I would love to try M200....
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