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Acoustic Research AR-M200

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by audionewbi, Aug 12, 2017.
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  1. chaotic_angel
    This thread is dying.

    Any idea of using external dac via usb C?
  2. chaotic_angel
    does anyone still able to downlod the S/W I always bounced to main page of AR
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  3. mik000000
    the link does not seem to work any more. i have the firmware file: ARM200FW.zip on my computer. pm me and i can email it to you
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  4. chaotic_angel
    PMed, thanks
  5. Matpar
    Hi, breaking news, I have put by chance a 400gb card, formatted in an android smartphone btw, with mixed contents. Result Is the player reads It with no problem, just a tad slow when launching a Song, bit works like a charm...
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  6. Signal2Noise
    Interesting. I have not been able to get a 256GB or higher card successfully read by the AR-M2. Have to, so far, live with a 200GB max. So that's good news with the M200.
  7. gr8soundz
    My 400 gig card (fat32) works as well but no matter what card I use my M200 goes silent if I pause playback and let the screen timeout. Get no sound after unpausing and have to reset the player. No difference after firmware update but, as previously stated, the M200 is a poor choice for local playback.

    Bluetooth receiver mode it where it shines. Haven't figured out how to get album art (via metadata) to show yet but everything else functions great paired with my phone. Recently upgraded to a Oneplus 7 Pro which has no headphone jack so I've been using aptx-HD quite a bit.

    I have the M200 stacked with my Oriolus BA-10 tube amp for full balanced and sound quality is impressive imo.

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  8. chaotic_angel
    Need the latest FW please, now I am using 1.0.751.

    With 128 gigs card, same issue of the awkward silent as what @gr8soundz said.

    The hole between charger and 3.5mm jack is a reset button right?? Tried to poke with sim ejector nothing happened :frowning2:
  9. chaotic_angel
    AR cust care seems on long vacation eh?
    No update on the f/w d/l link
  10. alpha421
    There is no reset pin. You might have killed the mic.
  11. chaotic_angel
  12. alpha421
    It's in the Bluetooth addendum part of the manual:

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  13. gr8soundz
    Haven't tested the mic yet but my M200 has alerted me to incoming phone calls. The mic is supposed to allow for taking calls while listening via bluetooth.
  14. Matpar
    That Is correct. Unfortunately mine worked flawlessy with Razer phone, but nothing happens on my new Pixel 3A XL... Dunno if it Is because of BT version, since music works Just fine!
  15. chaotic_angel
    Oh crap! #sadviolinsong

    Thanks btw
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