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Acoustic Research AR-H1 Planar Impressions and Discussion thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by crabdog, Jul 30, 2017.
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  1. headpfizer
    The USD price doesn't include sales tax. The EUR price does. There will also be import duty added to the EUR price if these are being imported from America.
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  2. conquerator2
    There's a 15% value difference in direct conversion alone which is usually enough to cover this. If you look at other products that's how it's usually handled. Additionally this is a Japanese company and historically Japanese products have rarely been more expensive in Europe than the States. As a potential future owner I am not convinced.
  3. crabdog
    Clamping force is fine for me. Doesn't squeeze your head too much but the headphones stay in place well. I find the downforce on the headband a bit strong for my liking though.
  4. ToroFiestaSol
    699€ includes 21% VAT (obligatory in EU, can't list prices without VAT).
    $599 does not include VAT.
  5. Beagle
    Not a conversion, just the list price in respective countries?
  6. lugnut
    They are adding state sales tax to my order . Unless they have a warehouse in my state there should not be sales tax. Just playing around choosing different states, they are adding sales tax to every state except states with no sales tax at all. I would bet they do not have warehouses that ship product from 40+ states, strange !
  7. involuntarysoul
    one size fits all elastic headband is just a bad design, might work if they create multiple length elastic for head size
  8. LaCuffia
    Apparently this headphone is on back order, or hasn't been released yet...placed an order last week and there was no indication it wasn't available, but that's what they are saying now.
  9. crabdog
    That's unfortunate. I'm sure they'll have stock soon though.
  10. Dobrescu George
    I actually wanted to talk with them, but couldn't find an address to send an email to. @crabdog , can you pm me a mail address? :darthsmile:

    I have a few questions I'd like to know from them directly, especially the technical details behind AR-H1 :smile_phones:
  11. LaCuffia
    So I've been told the AR-H1 will be available sometime "this week." I am kind of skeptical given the vagueness of the statement but we'll see.
  12. LaCuffia
    Well, I didn't have that long of a wait....got them in today. First impression:

    1. Superb build quality, really solid - not to disrespect other companies making planar headphones (you know who they are) but the AR-H1 puts them to shame with how nicely constructed it is, especially at this price - yes, it's made in China, but there is nothing cheap feeling at all; and

    2. So far I've only listened to them briefly out of my iPhone with a Pico Head amp portable amplifier, so not a final verdict. Man, this thing gives a powerful, dynamic sound, and has some real weight to the lower frequencies! It is nicely balanced though. The clarity is there, and the bass doesn't mush anything up. I can't wait to try it on desk top amps. The headband is a little stiff at first and there is some pressure downward, but I can see it improving with more use. Ear pads are very plush, with plenty of room.

    I can see why it received a lot of attention at RMAF. It deserves the hype.
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  13. crabdog
    Awesome stuff! I'm glad to hear you feel the same as I do regarding the build quality. That's one thing that really stands out for me - and they sound great of course. Let us know how they go with your desktop rig!
  14. LaCuffia
    I know this is partly new owner euphoria but I can’t help thinking what an amazing bargain the AR-H1 is at $599. I actually wasn’t much into planars before this, having been a little disappointed in the Aeon and the HiFiMan models like the Edition X (the latter mostly because of how cheap it felt). I was excited about the Abyss Diana but I honestly don’t know if $3K is worth the investment now. Obviously the law of diminishing returns and all that is always a factor but that’s usually when you go above the $1K price point. It’s rare for a $599 headphone to make you really question the high end heavy hitters.

    I am also still stunned as to the quality of the design and build. One of the best built headphones I’ve held in my hands - at any price.
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  15. involuntarysoul
    it shows what a rip off those flagships are, I blame the consumers keep throwing money allowing the brands to keep jacking up prices, just a few years ago $1000 is TOTL, now $1000 gets you midfi.
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