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A portable player that can output digital (from wav files) - but is not a phone .... ?

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by xp9433, Oct 29, 2012.
  1. xp9433

    Is there a portable player that can output 16/44.1 digital (from wav files stored on internal hard drive/SD Card) - but:

    1. Is not a phone (like say the Galaxy S3) or tablet or Apple

    2. Doesn't connect to the internet or handle email

    3. Doesn't have GPS, navigation, video, camera, voice recording, calendar, clocks, alarms, etc .......

    Just a suitably small portable player/device the handles 16/44.1 wav files and can give a QUALITY digital feed (USB) to a portable DAC/Amp like the new Ray Samuels Intruder.

    A device with a decent sized hard drive (or large storage SD Card/s) that can be easily loaded with music files on connection with a computer?  That is - A specialist portable digital player!?

    I am not hopeful, but is there such a device?


    Many thanks

  2. wuwhere Contributor
    The only digital input to the Intruder is USB, it has no coax or toslink digital inputs.
  3. yello131
    there are a handful of players that do match your description/preferences.
     The price range of these devices varies anywhere from 200 to 1000 US dollars 
    One is very nice and cheap is called Rocoop from Hisoundaudio,
    Another Colorfly  C4 or Hifiman 601 and lastly Ibasso dx1000
    internal hard drive storage varies as well from 4Gb on Colorfly C3 to 32Gb on C4 or DX100
  4. wuwhere Contributor
    You may want to check those players again, usually those are USB input.
  5. xp9433
    Thanks for reply. I have had a look at "Rocoop". As far as I can see it doesn't do digital out? Am I right?
    This is "the" pre-requesite.
    I'll look up the others.
    Thanks Frank
  6. xp9433

    Thanks wuwhere. You are right. The DAC?Amp of choice is the Intruder, so the player I am looking for must have USB digital out!
  7. CJG888
    IMO you will find it difficult to find something other than a phone or tablet which will output a digital signal via USB. If you have not yet bought the RSA, there are other good portable DAC/amps available with SPDIF digital input (e.g. iBasso D12, Matrix), which you can drive with something like a QLS QA-350.
  8. NZtechfreak
    The Galaxy S3 is the device you are describing, except it is a phone. Any reason why it must not be a phone?
  9. xp9433

    Happy with the Galaxy S2 I have. Besides that the changeover price S2 > S3 is probably about $500. I would rather spend that on a specialist player if available. I want something that keeps working no matter what fashion affects future mobile devices.
  10. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    Problem is digital - heck, even analog line level line out - have fallen out of fashion with most portable players. Specialist players have one or both but digital is SPDIF. I've seen somewhere that the original Galaxy S phone can be tweaked/hacked to do USB Audio. Get that used, or if the same trick applies, try the Galaxy S Player.
    Personally if all I need is USB audio for music playback any of the multi-function devices you're excluding would be a nice option. Just get the cheapest Android that can do USB Audio for example, and it takes SD cards. I mean, it will keep working as a music player for years on end (maybe buy that lightning dock adapter, or something). I wouldn't have gotten an S3 if my original S didn't break; and I almost bought a cheap used 64gb iPad2 (off someone too excited about the iPad3 screen) in lieu of non-support for SDcards, but then the Seagate GFlex satellite came around and I can use that with my S3, too. Only reason why I didn't buy one yesterday was because my cat got hospitalized (if anything, his timing prevented me from selling the HDD at a loss).

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