[A 'Mini-Con'!] Arizona Head-Fi Meet: October 21st, 2017 Impressions

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  1. 13713
    Things I have learned from this meet. I need more headphones I believe my next purchase will be the HE-6. I need to bring pre-loaded music on a tablet and run it to my stack and leave it open for anyone to come by and just mess with the stack so I can wander around the room and socialize as so many people have great stories and knowledge that I want to absorb. Every time I see that EC balancing act I get ideas that perhaps my kid should fund her own college I need more gear (this is sarcasm but it is a great idea).

    I think we should aim for every 6 months. I know it is a lot of work and a lot of stress so keep this as a selfish and greedy statement on my part and not a sane demand by any means. Again thank you so much for doing this and keeping it going. I have been attending since last January of 16 and this group and meetup really has solidified my enjoyment of this aspect of my audio hobby
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  2. Barra
    Anyone interested in trading their HD800 for my LCD2.2? I am considering changing camps from Audeze to play the HD800 mod game.
  3. 13713
    HAHA wow... that is quite the change. What drove this decision?
  4. Mr.Sneis
    Keep those impressions coming please!
  5. balderon Contributor
    I vote six months as long as it's not summer temperatures.
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  6. koover
    April sounds like perfect weather... wouldn’t you think?
  7. balderon Contributor
    I'd be game even during March madness.
  8. koover
    Me too.
    I’ll regroup with Joe and Chris after a while and see what everyone thinks. It seems like most are raring for another meet sooner then a year. I know I’m in for another in 6 months.
  9. koover
    Dang, I just looked to see who’s lurking in this thread and LOL when I noticed 12 people. We need some impressions and pictures.
  10. Coolzo
    @Destroysall the photographer needs to respond to me questions about posting pics : P
  11. funch
    I have 6 months. Do I hear 3? :astonished:
  12. koover
    We’ll name our next meet Az CanJam18
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  13. koover
    4 a year? I’d have to quit my job!
    Hmmm, not a bad idea
  14. Coolzo
    Hah, funny joke. 6 months sounds like a good plan to me. Just the right amount.

    More pictures coming sometime in the next day or so!
  15. Barra
    Just looking to do something new. Plus, pressure from my Seattle HeadFi friends that have perfected the HD800 tweaks so that I can hear what they have accomplished.
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