[A 'Mini-Con'!] Arizona Head-Fi Meet: October 21st, 2017 Impressions

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  1. Muinarc
    Hey nice pics! I know what you mean, there's never enough time when there's so much to listen to.
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  2. Moelawn
    Sorry been busy with life. Awesome meetup! I would love to go to another one soon!
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  3. funch
    Every time we have a meet, I promise myself that I'm going to do less yacking, and more listening. Still haven't made good on that promise yet. :speaking_head:

    Maybe next time I'll bring a roll of duct tape.
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  4. Coolzo
    Life happens, but we'd love to have you! A reminder: our next meet's happenings will be posted in this thread. Tentatively (and most likely for sure) March 10th!

    By the way, Schiit is already on board for our next two meets :)
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  5. pctazhp
    Very sorry I missed the last meet. Continuing health issues prevented me from attending. But I'm getting much better and hope very much to attend the March meet. Thanks for all who work so hard to make these meets happen.
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  6. koover
    Sorry we missed you BUT very happy to hear that your health is improving. I’ll personally look forward to meeting you in March with hope your health improves quickly and fully.
    Take care of yourself man! We all need too brother!
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  7. balderon Contributor
  8. macx
    Hey everyone, I'm headed to phoenix Phoenix area tonight, looking for a store to demo Sony MDR z1R or someone who has a pair willing to let me audition their pair with my Hugo 2, on the fence and would love to hear before I purchase and compare to my current lineup

    Thank you for any information!

    In town til Friday also!
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