[A 'Mini-Con'!] Arizona Head-Fi Meet: October 21st, 2017 Impressions

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  1. balderon Contributor
    Special thanks to @Coolzo, @koover, @Destroysall and many others who helped make this a great meet. We had a good turnout at Saturday‘s meet. I had a great time making new friendships and renewing old. With Phoenix having relatively few places to try out new gear, it was awesome to have an opportunity to audition numerous setups.
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  2. koover
    It was an excellent meet, especially for my first. These are just a few words seeing I just go home and I'm trying to set everything back up. LOL.
    I will echo Balderon's comments that it was great to meet everyone as the faces were ALL new to me. Awesome Arizona community.
    Special thanks now and more later to all the insider support we received especially Schiit, ZMF, Audeze and LMC of Arizona.
    More in depth Impressions later. I'm tired! :sleeping:
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  3. funch
    Cheers to the organizers and everyone who attended. Unqualified
    success! :beerchug:
  4. 13713
    I appreciate the hard work the organizers put in. Everything was great as always and it is a bummer that I had to leave early.
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  5. Selenium
    Great meet! I wish there had been more IEMs and maybe some DAPs, but oh well.
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  6. Gofspar
    Yeah. I ended up forgetting my campfires like a doofus, overall through was a fun meet. hopefully we can get another one soon.

    every 6 months maybe? :D
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  7. M3NTAL
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  8. cskippy
    Good job on pics. I never take pics.
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  9. placebophile
    I'm pretty new to the scene, but had a lot of fun. Many thanks to all involved; thanks for being so welcoming.
    I was particularly happy to finally see the Kennerton stuff in person; I have been curious about it for a while. I think a lot of people were confused about how to adjust the earcups; I know I was until it was pointed out to me.

    My only regret is that I failed to catch Abyss before it left :)
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  10. dontfeedphils
    Had a great time putting faces to names and listening to some cool gear. Personal favorites were the modded HE-6, MDR-Z1R, the new MrSpeakers e-stat, and the Aeon Flow closed (I really enjoyed these, may have found a nice closed back for work).

    Only grabbed a couple pics when things were dying down a bit. Thanks to the organizers and everyone who came out, let's do it again soon!


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  11. BzzzzzT
    Hats off to the organizers. It was awesome chatting with everyone and trying out everybody's gear! Awesome location!
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  12. Coolzo
    Thanks to everyone for the awesome meet! It wouldn't be possible at all without our Phoenix members. I could type out a list of everyone and their contributions, but the truth is that every single attendee brought something... Weather it be dope gear, dope knowledge, great conversation, great humor, or all of the above.

    I will say: much thanks to @koover (Greg), who was instrumental in contacting Audeze, LMC, and ZMF, and thanks to @Destroysall (Chris with the camera, and the OG organizer of these AZ meets. Yes, the meets were always his fault from the get-go) and his brother (the classy guy in the suit) for taking pictures (coming soonish!) AND managing the raffle. Without these guys, the meet wouldn't have reached the level of awesomeness that it was. And of course, thanks to Denise and the industrious people of Schiit Audio for sponsoring us, thus giving us a huge boost this meet and towards future meets.

    The meet looked friggin' awesome, with all the big tubes and stacks of equipment lying about. The location was absolutely ideal, and it was much much more comfortable than any library. Shall we do this again in six months, or shall we wait until next year? Probably, I will limit the equipment I personally bring next time...
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  13. koover
    I will say with confidence that this meet met my expectations and then some. What I enjoyed the most was just getting to put all the site nicknames to faces and being able to engage with everyone on a personal level. Very, very cool people. The amount of gear and the level of gear was mind boggling too. I like my gear a lot but man you guys....you have some incredibly killer equipment. :) I'm looking forward to all the pics soon.

    And yes the venue was definitely ideal. I'm "very" fortunate that I know the sales manager for the Hampton and just wanted to make mention (even though I know she doesn't frequent this thread) what an instrumental part she also played by giving us the rate she did.

    I believe I'll also cut back all the gear I'll bring next time. It was definitely worth it but breakdown from home, load, transport, unload, set-up..... pause, rewind, replay..........plus I'd like to spend more time listening to all that incredible gear everyone has.

    I vote for another meet in 6 months. I'm ready already
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  14. drew911d
    Great meet! And thanks for everyone bringing and sharing great gear. Wish I could have stayed longer, but we did manage to get my brother moved in time..

    Next time I hope to have a DAC and stay all day..
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  15. cskippy
    Thank you @Coolzo, @koover, @Destroysall and everyone else who helped make this meet possible.

    This meet was the best AZ meet yet. We had an excellent location, plenty of space, an incredible turnout with tons of awesome gear, and great people to share said gear with. I really enjoyed talking to everyone and offering advice to those who would listen lol! I wish I had more time to listen to other gear but what I did listen to was great. Dharma was such an interesting headphone, as were the Auteur. I've finally reached my personal endgame headphone with the LFF modded HE-6 but I'll definitely still be on the lookout for fun and unique sounding headphones.
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