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A Concise View of Why The ATH-M50 is No Longer King

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by ssrock64, Jan 17, 2012.
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  1. jodgey4
    It's got more of a v-shape, and a bigger stage. If you can pay the little bit extra and amp it, it's a superb can for gaming and modern musics!
  2. LNuneek

    It's a headphone I certainly want to hear again. I haven't heard it in about 6+ years, and don't recall what it sounded like completely.  I'd like to compare it to what I have now. I like how the headband cushion is just a snap on part you can easily replace. You don't see that in many headphones.
  3. MKTRV6
    I've enjoyed reading this thread, it's given me a few chuckles and I appreciate the exchange.  Is the -50 the king?  Hmm, that's the kind of question that is not relevant in my view although its fun to discuss what's come up in this price range that also sounds good these days..  When I was younger (yeah, awhile back), I used to debate the best of this or that with my friends.  It was fun. But now I realize that they are really in truth all flavors of, well, good.
    I have listened to headphones quite a bit starting in the '60's up to present.  Sadly (for my wallet) I'm not one of those that just sticks with a single rig, and I've always had several sets of cans around.  I like the variety in this hobby and its fun to listen and experience different phones and sources/amps etc..
    Although my current top rig is the T1 and WA2, I still listen (like right now) to other headphones.   Looks like I'll be travelling some in the coming months and have a need to upgrade my portable listening cans so just purchased the ATH-M50XBL.  They will arrive early next week and I'm excited to have a pair in my easy reach.  I've always liked the sound of the M50's but never owned my own pair until now.  You can drive them fine out of an ipod, which is key for me in this application as I don't have any portable amp at this point.
    I agree with the earlier posts that opinions expressed here at Head-Fi or other headphone sites also carry a lot of weight in the market and the -M50's have received a lot of love over the years for sure.  Heck, they deserve it!
    There's lots of good headphones in this price range, but there's something to be said for headphones that are routinely cited as working flawless after 10 years of continuous hard use and have a solid sound that draws you in.  I also have a set of HD-600's, and feel kind of the same way.  Yeah, they're an old design and there's a lot in that price range that's also very good, maybe even "better", but there's something comfortable and pleasant about listening to the 600's that doesn't get old, ever.
    Happy listening all!
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  4. klasik
    Kind of reminds me of the Cooler Master Hyper 212+ heatsink for computers. People recommend it even at $30 when there are better choices out there.
  5. Roderick
    I got (very) late into the party and just got the m50's. Despite some extra emphasis on upper midrange and artificial tizzyness on highs it is pretty damn good. I can well see how these have been recommended for a long time. New white box version doesnt have overbearing bass...it is quite balanced. I'd take these over k550 any day.
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  6. DDDamian
    I still love 'em for portable, easy-to-drive fun.
  7. koolas
    What's "tizzyness" ?

    When I auditioned M50 vs RHA30 I have noticed reverb/echo in treble range on M50. Is it that?
  8. jodgey4
    I think that is a part of it.

    The word, add I've understood it, was chosen to show an emphasis on the region of treble that produces/emphasizes the 'z' sound. Tizzzzzzzzzz. I think around 5kHz?
  9. DDDamian
    +1 - up there and a bit higher too. You'll know it when you hear it (HE-400's, I'm looking at you!).
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  10. schicago
    guys, get some gemini hrs1000 alot better than ath-m50x.
  11. DDDamian
    Cool - search over - I can sell my LCD's lol
  12. schicago
  13. schicago
    Hahahahahaha. Don't forget to tell your bosses to give you headphone allowwences as well
  14. schicago
    Hahahahahaha. Don't forget to tell your bosses to give you headphone allowwences as well
  15. DDDamian
    Just razzing you [​IMG] For any headphone there's one that's better in any given area. The most valuable information is why you feel that way about a particular headphone - comparing one to the other. Blanket statements for one over the other don't really give much feedback. The reason I mention the LCD's is that they way outclass the m50x's, but they should. Pick a can in the same price-range as the one in question and do a little comparison for folks - it's that kind of write-up that people come here for, and how people get informed about what's out there.
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