64 Audio A18 Tzar (TM) Impressions Thread (Impressions, Reviews, Tours)

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  1. productred
    The A/U18 is known for deep, impactful but neutral and even marginally lean (in terms of body) bass so if you find it an "extreme basshead" ciem u'd be better off forgetting about all iems altogether. It is a no-no for bassheads - trust me no bassheads would be happy with the A/U18's bass.

    That said, @Barra got a point there - usually the custom variant of a certain iem require more getting used to than its universal bethren before it'd sound right, possibly due to mental burn in and possibly also down to canal burn in when your ear canal getting used to the shape of the rigid ciem bore. If anything try not to force it in too hard, just leave it where it STARTS to fit snugly and see if the bass would sound more right.
  2. dhc0329
    Mine could be just a bad build the way this bass sound, too overpowering and borderline bloated...I had several IEMs before for a long time
    and this doesn't sound right.
  3. jscmd2000
    Hmmm that is concerning... for someone who is about to order one.
    I would not like too much or bloated bass at all. I remember someone saying not enough bass a while back on this thread but... how do you fix too much bass?
    Good luck to you and do let us know what happens. You deserve happiness and little bit of perfection for what you paid.
  4. eldss
    The U/A18 shouldn't have as much bass as it was described above. I can tell you coming from the U8 which is the bassiest model 64 manufacturers, that there is a significant decrease in quantity of bass coming to the A18. But I would agree w/ Barra's comment above that it is powerful, textured and nicely balanced and some true bass heads would tell you that it is bass light. For me it was the perfect and I'd say the U18s are probably the most versatile iems i've heard.
  5. EagleWings
    Even U18's bass with M15 module was north of neutral. So A18's bass would definitely be stronger due to the tighter seal. And when the IEM is paired with 1Z, which has a full bodes bass, the bass can become overpowering. Try this and see if it fixes the issue: Use M15 module and on 1Z set the following EQ, 31Hz: -2db and 63Hz: -1dB.

    Except for the bass, 1Z should be one of the best pairings for the A18 (stage, mid-range and treble).
  6. twister6 Contributor
    What other sources have you tried it with, besides 1Z? If something is wrong with a build, most likely you will get a similar performance driving your pair of A18s from other sources. Also, do you have all DSP effects disabled on 1Z, especially dc phase linearizer? As others pointed out, U18/A18 is definitely not a basshead tuned iem, though due to a better seal of CIEM you should get more bass with A vs U versions. Any other IEMs/CIEMs you used for comparison, besides JH? Not familiar with that JH, so don't know if it has a neutral bass.
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  7. Tulku1967
    U18 bass section has 4 pieces of Sonion 2800.
    They are closed and very fast armatures.
    I do not think they're overwhelmed with any music.

    Be sure to try another dap
  8. ericr
    Maybe you are thinking of a different model (i.e. A12)?

    From the 64 Audio website:

    A18 Tzar
    Flagship, 18-driver, custom fit earphone. Designed for the most demanding listeners who are looking for the ultimate in reference sound. 1 tia™ High, 1 High-Mid, 8 Mid, 8 Low. Integrated 4-way passive crossover.
  9. dhc0329
    Thanks for your suggestion on setting the EQ. I will definitely note that but I rather have a permanent solution appy on IEM. I have tried multiple sources to verify the bass response before posting here.

    Fortunately I may have a solution working with 64 Audio today. They will adjust my fit and open up the cap to bring down the bass speaker response to couple decibel to normalize the bass frequency.

    Hopefully, this will make me smile again. I will post the result once I confirm.
  10. Tulku1967
    Sonion 2800 is a double armature
  11. ericr
    Makes sense now. Thanks
  12. dhc0329
  13. Barra
    If you are in the US, you can find out for yourself in my Beat Audio US upgrade CIEM cable tour. We are close to kicking it off with a nice tour kit including the Prima Donna in 4 wire as well as 8 wire plus other cables from their lineup to compare as well:


    I am currently running my A18s on the Prima Donna 8 wire and working my way through the rest of their lineup. Although early in my impressions, I can tell you that they drip luxury with awesome ergonomics that make them special.


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  14. Barra
    QUOTE="dhc0329, post: 13840468, member: 68963"]I received my A18 after refit work. 64 Audio also added another resister under my bass speakers to bring down the decibel level.
    The bass appears to be more controlled, defined and tight. Not too overpowering and bloated like the original piece. I could now use m20 module with no issue.

    Has anyone tried prima donna cable on A18? Do you think this is worth it?
    http://www.beataudiolab.com/products/prima-donna-beat-audio-premium-upgrade-cable?taxon_id=22#[/QUOTE] IMG_3998[1].JPG

    Last edited: Nov 10, 2017
  15. dhc0329
    Wow, these look awesome. Thanks so much for sharing. How's sound signature using 8-wire vs 4-wire vs 64 audio stock cable?
    Do you feel the vast improvement?
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