64 Audio A18 Tzar (TM) Impressions Thread (Impressions, Reviews, Tours)

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  1. Barra
    just now sitting down to figure out logistics to compare cables. Went for 8 wire immediately as it looks like jewelry and love the sound. However, going back and forth with IEM cables takes time to switch making ABing directly difficult. Will have a better idea in the next few days. As for the standard cable vs. 8 wire, the standard isn't bad, but the Prima is definitely better. I feel it adds a richness to the A18 signature and picks up some nuances in the music that I wasn't hearing before. Cable improvements are reasonably subtle taking time to appreciate. But I can already tell that going back to the standard cable will be painful. The ergonomics on the other hand..... that weave beyond looking like $1MM adds a body to the cable that keeps it from tangling yet feels/hangs natural vs. having a cord wrapped around your neck. This is the first cable that I have attached to the A18 that adds to the look and feel rather than reduce the esthetics.
  2. Likeimthere

    IMG_4002[1].JPG [/QUOTE]

    Oh those just looks burriful... :heart_eyes:
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  3. Ahmad313
    Really beautiful cable ,
  4. dhc0329
    I just received the 8-wire prima donna cable with a great anticipation today. Does anyone know what would be the expected burn-in period?
    I am not sure if it's about the combination (Wmi1z + A18 + 8w (4.4mm) prima donna) but so far I am not sensing any improvement over stock cable.
  5. Barra
    I am starting my Beat Audio tour and have been listening to the Prima Donna for a couple weeks now with my A18. At first, like you, I didn't feel there was any appreciable increase in SQ. But over the course of the last two weeks, I hear a significant difference that is making me dread the start of the tour and having to send them out. Cables are really the last few percent in performance so everything in the chain before them has to be perfect - including your mood and the setting for listening. It might be cable burn-in, but more likely brain burn-in or time to hear the songs in the right circumstance.

    I am also listening through my Hugo2 which I feel is a huge step up from my Calyx M, AK100ii, or my WM1A. The Sony has not been my favorite match with my A18, but does sound good. However, the Hugo is so much better, my DAPs are currently collecting dust.
  6. dhc0329
    I hear what you are saying...Initially I thought wmiz was the ultimate dap but after hooking up MDR-Z1R to old Sony x1061 I found 1Z to be so dull.
    Everything sound so exciting hearing Z1R with x1061. I know Z1R is a full can but after getting used it while I was waiting for the prima cable, it's
    unbearable to switch to A18 with 8-wire cable.

    I am not sure if 1Z has a good synergy with Z1R or A18. Not sure what would be the best match for this expensive dap at the moment.
  7. WayneWoondirts
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  8. dhc0329
    To A18 owners - if I may ask, are you all completely satisfy with your fit. I have occasional leak (broken seal) on my right side but
    is this considered normal?
  9. Likeimthere
    What causes the broken seal? Is it when you yawn? Chew food? Sometimes those two mouth movements have broken the seal, on both my right and left... if the seal is broken when you talk regularly, then you may need a refit...

    I have small ears, so the fit so far has worked well for me. I sent them a new ear impression because the one on file was several years old...

    Hope this helps....
  10. twister6 Contributor
  11. Blueshound24

    Actually, I believe you're both wrong, the review is from 7/12/17. :wink:
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  12. WayneWoondirts
    Posted here and on hfn on Thursday last week :wink:
  13. pfurey89
    My a18t will be here Saturday! Cannot wait.
  14. Likeimthere
    AWESOME. . . welcome to the club! You'll love it. . .
  15. dhc0329
    At the first insert it feels alright but after a while especially when I lift my chin up high or severe head movement to left, I feel a pop on my left side ear only.
    I will make another ear impression and will send it in for a refit. Other than fit issue, A18 sounds out of this world. It's a match made in heaven with AK SP1000.
    The clarity and base response are superb!
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