64 Audio A18 Tzar (TM) Impressions Thread (Impressions, Reviews, Tours)

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  1. jscmd2000
    Thanks!! Did you like the U18 better than the Fourte? And did you notice that the m15 was isolating enough?
  2. linux4ever
    M15 isolation was good enough. I didn't have any issues of sound leaking in or leaking out.

    If I had to choose u18 I won't be still hankering after fourte. U18 is that good. I don't feel that I'll miss out. And given the difference in prices between the two, u18 wins hands down.

    Plus u18 can be had in custom iem as a18.

    But I would still say that both u18 and fourte should be priced within earth and not in the outer space. The prices of both are way too high.
  3. eldss
    Couldn't agree more w/ @linux4ever . Both are amazing IEMs and each had certain things that I liked more than the other. But, because I prefer custom fit, I would go w/ the A18, because it was that amazing and didn't leave me w/ any regrets. But if it wasn't for price, I would have already placed an order. Products were a tier above everything else I've heard to date, but compared to other music gear I purchase, I can't bring myself to spend $3,500 for iems.
  4. jscmd2000
    Isn't there a sale coming up? Could be significant saving since they're so expensive...
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  5. swesko
    I think they do -20% on black friday

    Anyone know where i can try them in London UK?
  6. twister6 Contributor
    Not sure if Indulgence Show in London will feature 64 Audio: https://indulgenceshow.com/ - hurry up, today is the last day of the show. Otherwise, wait for mid-July when CanJam is back in London: http://www.canjamglobal.com/london2018
  7. swesko
    Yea i saw audiosanctuary promoting that event but i wont be in London until the 5th so i will miss it :/ ill try to find a shop not far from the city. But last year they did offer 20% discount on all their products for BF. If i am convinced ill just sell all my gear and get these if not im a happy man :p
  8. Dionysus
    I received the brand new premium cable from 64Audio yesterday and it sound as good as it looks. Great comfort easy to adjust, light and well built.
    So if I compare it to the previous premium cable which works well with the system.
    The new premium cable seems more focused, hits a tad deeper and super resolving an absolute excellent match for the tia driver and my A18 have never sounded better. Terminated in 2.5 balanced Oh and there white.







    Last edited: Oct 8, 2017
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  9. Ahmad313
    Very beautiful cable , what is the price ,?
  10. ericr
    How did you manage to get it in white? The 64 Audio website currenrly says:
    "The new Premium Cable is only available in a Black color and 48” length."

    That's a nice looking IEM!
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  11. Dionysus
  12. Dionysus
    You are right and much to my surprise, mine came in White. I was told it only came in black, so when I opened the package and notice the white finish I was trilled.
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  13. dhc0329
    I just got my A18 today and I am sort of shock if this is the way this CIEM would behave normally. The bass I am getting from this IEM is just too over-whelming and boomy.
    Not too noticeable listening to classics but anything with alots of bass (hip-hop, trance, etc) unbearable to listen. I am currently using WM1z dap.

    I replaced the filter from 20 to 15 but didn't help. Only when I removed the filter completely I get the tight controlled bass but no isolation. I am very worried at this point if this is normal
    behavior for A18 as I do not find this acceptable for my listening taste. I understand this IEM has 8 drivers for low but I didn't expect this much bass. This IEM is for beyond extreme basshead
    which I am not. I might have to open ticket with 64 audio about this excessive bass problem. Perhaps, I have too tight fit....

    Comparing to JH13 this opens up quite a bit, transparent and wide so it is definitely better of two but what's up with this horrifying bass? Have you ever heard IEM losing amount of bass over time?
    Last edited: Nov 1, 2017
  14. Barra
    When first getting a new CIEM/HP, it takes a while for the signature to click and for the previous primary driver to be forgotten. Only then will you be able to judge your feelings completely. I have been guilty many times of making a rush judgment and later eating my words. Burn in not so much in BAs but for brain burn in yes.

    The A18 bass is powerful but in proportion to the music and the rest of the frequency range. Not a basshead CIEM at all, but has the bass performance of a big can - think H1K. If the bass is overwhelming and boomy, there is something wrong with the build or you like a lighter bass performance and this is the wrong signature for you. The M15 definitely drops the bass quantity down a notch, so if that didn't work, something is wrong. Give it a little time and see what you think after a few days of listening.
  15. dhc0329
    I am just hoping for a drastic change in terms of bass signature over a time. I would definitely cherish deep sub bass but not this much at the moment.
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