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64 Audio A18 Tzar (TM) Impressions Thread (Impressions, Reviews, Tours)

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  1. Barra


    Tia A18 TzarTM

    The 64 Audio A18 TzarTM is the world’s first custom-fit earphone with 18 balanced armature drivers per ear. Designed for the most demanding listeners who are looking for the ultimate in reference sound, it features 8 low drivers, 8 mid drivers, and the incredibly smooth tia™ high and high-mid drivers. Sound from the low and mid drivers combines in the tia single-bore and blends with amazingly-detailed highs from the proprietary open balanced armature tia high driver. The result is an incredibly tight low end, super transparent mids, remarkable high-frequency extension, and an out-of-this-world depth and soundstage. A protective mesh covering at the end of the stem helps to keep out debris while apex™ module technology allows for customizing the sound signature and reduces air pressure inside the ear canal for fatigue-free listening.
    1. Estimated Build Time: Varies, check website for current build time.
    2. Also Available as a Universal U18
    3. Starting at: $2,999.00
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  2. Barra
    Living in Seattle, I am relatively close to the 64 Audio HQ and have watched them evolve rapidly from the new low priced player into the TOTL CIEM competitor of today. I still remember when the V6 Stage was all the rage and the V8 was the new kid in the lineup. I first got involved in 64 Audio when they were still 1964 Ears and I had requested to host their products at a Seattle Head-Fi meet. They must have made an impression, because a large number of the Seattle crew are frequent flyers with 64 Audio including my father and my niece with the A6 apex and A3 apex models. The Apex module was a huge leap in CIEM tech that allowed me to listen at higher fuller volumes fatigue free and without damaging my hearing. Now 64 Audio has released another new technology called a tia driver that uses acoustic chambers to tune the sound eliminating sound tubes. This is a company that is definitely pushing the leading edge in IEM technology and has not missed yet.
    This is why I am so excited to hear the new tia A18 Tzar and the new tia Fourté. That’s right, two flagship models being released at the same time. Now that is ambitious!
    Now comes the cool part……..at my request, 64Audio has agreed to allow me to host a US tour for the U18 and the tia Fourté. This will be announced here soon, maybe May. However, in the meantime I will get a chance to review the A18 and discuss here. I also invite those lucky few that are starting to receive their orders to leave their impressions here too so we can consolidate everyone’s thoughts.
    So, as we get to know the tia a/u18 Tzar I will do my best to consolidate links to reviews and impressions. Please post impressions or links here on this thread and I will consolidate the links for easy consumption.
    There you have it, fun to come. I am expecting to get my A18 this week and will start posting impressions as I have them to ultimately be put into a full review including an unboxing. When the tour is announced and I have the universal demos in my hand, then I will be able to compare and contrast the universal vs. the custom 18 as well as the 18 vs. the Fourté.
    While we wait to get started, is there anyone who has gotten their 18’s yet that wants to give us some impressions?
  3. Barra

    Barra's A18 TZAR Review

    A Whole New Level of In Ear that Competes with Full Sized Exotic Headphones

    The A18 has made me rethink in ear audio as I have never heard anything like this before. With the A18, I am not comparing to other CIEMs as it is at a whole new level - I am comparing to my full sized HPs. My HD700, LCD2.2, and my HEX are all now second class to my A18. The HEX is my best for sound stage, detail, sub bass, and everything else that maters to me in music, but the A18 outperforms it.

    FULL Review: https://www.head-fi.org/f/showcase/64-audio-a18-tzar.22410/reviews#review-18646

    Unboxing Videos

    Custom tia A18 TZAR Unboxing

    Universal tia U18 TZAR Unboxing:
    Last edited: May 26, 2017
  4. Barra

    Links to Impressions/Reviews

    Added as I get them, please notify me if I miss external impressions that can be linked here.
    1. @Ike1985: http://www.head-fi.org/products/64-audio-1964-ears-a18-tzar/reviews/18444
  5. Barra
    Guess what showed up at my doorstep today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Impressions to follow soon..........
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  6. EagleWings
    Hi @Barra, I would like to participate in the tour and I agree to the terms and conditions. Please let me know if you need any other details, you would like from me, to be eligible for the tour.
    Will the tour package include both U18 and Fourte, or just the U18?  Just re-read that the tour package will include both the flagships.
    Very kind of you in organizing all the review tours. I really appreciate it.
  7. Barra
    I will be launching a separate tour thread in the next day or so and it will include both the 18 and the Fourte.... cool, right? We are looking to have the kits by early May to start the tour with couple weeks to sign up. And yes, anyone that qualified for my previous tours will be welcome here as well. [​IMG]
  8. EagleWings
    Sounds good buddy. :) Looking forward to it. I will keep a look out for the tour thread.
  9. bmichels
    Do you plan also an European tour ?

    I am your man for France :flag_fr: and Belgium :flag_be:....:smile:
  10. bmichels
    - Will there be a " Custom " Fourte ?

    - Is the Fourte´s earpiece same size or smaller than the 18's ?
  11. zachchen1996
    Do you know if 64 Audio would be willing to sell their tour unit of the tia Fourté?
    I'd be interested in purchasing it if they are willing! :)
  12. bvng3540

    I think they would if you willing to pay full price for it:money_mouth::money_mouth::money_mouth:
  13. linux4ever
    Congrats Barra on your new A18. The design looks good. Have fun!!
  14. Kenneth Galang
    Oh man I've been waiting to hear more about the Tia Fourte, and I'm still saving up for it!
  15. alpha421
    Jealous.  Happy listening.
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