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Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by silent one, Mar 9, 2012.
  1. mordy
    Hi Hansotek,

    Don't know what the difference is between your speakers and my Debut 6 but I assume that they are similar. After 6-7 hours of playing the speakers are waking up and sound better and better - actually excellent. Don't know if I am allowed to say this, but to me they seem to have more bass impact and better controlled bass than my Beyerdynamic Gen1 T1's headphones (apologies to h1).

    At the current sale price of $200/pair shipped I don't think that they can be beat.
  2. mordy
    I think that attcmi works for Verizon lol
  3. attmci
    This La Radiotechnique 5Y3gb rectifier (directly heated full-wave) is actually pretty good (for the price I got, about $20).

    To be honest, the this "rare" La Radiotechnique 5Y3gb sounds better than Philips 5Y3 (more air, larger sound stage).
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  4. gibosi
    I quite like the La Radiotechnique 54RGY, so if their 5Y3GB sounds similar, and if someone is interested in rolling rectifiers in their EL3N, this might be a good one to try....
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  5. gibosi
    Listening to a pair of De Forest 427 triodes. Lee de Forest invented the triode vacuum tube amplifier in 1906, which he called an "Audion". However, by 1923, he had lost his controlling interest in this company. And as a result of the Great Depression, the De Forest Radio Company folded in the summer of 1931. So these tubes were manufactured sometime between 1927, when Westinghouse first introduced this tube, and 1931.

    2017-10-21 15.51.37.jpg

    While they look pretty neat at night with those perforated plates, unfortunately, these two are a bit too noisy...

    2017-11-22 20.49.30.jpg
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  6. jekjek
    Nice tube review Ken!
  7. Hansotek
    They are the next step up above the debut series in the Elac lineup. Elac Debut, Uni-Fi and Adante are each probably the best bang-for-buck speakers at their price points (regularly $279, $499 and $2,499, for a pair of bookshelf speakers respectively). You’d be hard-pressed to find a negative review on any of them, and having heard them all personally, it’s very easy to see why.

    Anyway, good choice!
  8. attmci
  9. gibosi
    Yup, a typo! lol :)

    A Dario 5R4GYS manufactured by La Radiotechnique.

    2017-01-07 10.43.59.jpg
  10. rosgr63

    Ken I have some of their 45's which according to one of my Italian audio gurus are one of the best sounding audio tubes.
    I have them in my collection but as they are NOS I never tried them.
  11. rosgr63
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  12. attmci
    Same to you, my friend.

    I just found out a bunch of morons at SuperBAF (the admin is also an imbecile) . Most of the friends here had been bullied on that site. STAY AWAY!
  13. whirlwind
    Happy Thanksgiving Glenn, Lucy & everybody else here.
    We have much to be thankful for.

    I am hoping for a wonderful long weekend, love these four day weekends.

    We are having the family over for Thanksgiving dinner and some football.

    Leaving for Cleveland tomorrow and going to the rock & roll hall of fame and a tour of the Great Lakes brewing company, hoping to sample a couple of porters here.

    Then Saturday night we are heading to the Connor Palace to see Joe Bonamassa and my wife ordered the tickets like seven months ago and she got us in row 4.
    We are pretty excited.

    Hope to grab some pictures to share here later.
  14. rosgr63
    Enjoy my friend, it sounds great!!!

    A couple of porters just..........you must be a saint!!!!!!!
  15. whirlwind

    Thanks Starvos.

    I try :laughing:

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