2017 Audio Technica new flagship ATH-ADX5000

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by seeteeyou, Aug 11, 2017.
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  1. Witcher
    I can tell you first hand that the padding isn’t stiff. Can’t comment about the dimensions since we all have different ears.
  2. sling5s
    Thanks everyone for your reviews and impressions.
    Just ordered a pair from Crutchfield.
    Seems they are the only ones who have them available and they just got them today.
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  3. Witcher
    I’m just hoping we can find a decent A2DC connector on the aftermarket lines. Lol.
  4. KazeNg
    Could you elaborate on how the ADX5000 compete against the Focals (the Clear, for example) please?
  5. davidf
    I think you misread my post - I’m not a Naim/Focal dealer, so unfortunately I wasn’t able to try them side by side.
  6. sling5s
    Hi davidf. Welcome to Head fi.
    Thanks for taking time to review and comment here. Much appreciated.
    BTW, thanks also for taking the time to share your thoughts on the ADX5000 with me via email (sling5stones). :)

    I just purchased them through a U.S dealer (updated my signature). :)
    Should have them Friday.
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  7. LaCuffia
    Hopefully we will get more impressions since it’s been released in the US. It seems that this headphone is extremely revealing and clear but I guess the big question is whether they are still enjoyable to listen to despite the apparent brightness.
  8. musicday
    Yet nobody mentioned the burn in effect, that will apply to a dynamic transducer i believe. More likely this headphone will sound completely different after 400-500 hours, and the reviewer probably didn't managed to use it that long.
  9. davidf
    The pair I used for my review were, I presume, already run in, as they'd been used by the rep at home, and also at the Indulgence Show in London back in September. I know the rep is a bit of a stickler for that sort of thing, so my bets are they were already run in. He's popping in today, so I can double check with him.
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  10. Witcher
    Mine has about 50-60 hrs and counting... I've not really noticed too much of a difference yet, but I'm enjoying every minute of it. But I vaguely remembered the store unit and that one was what caught me. very engaging and enjoyable.
  11. musicday
    Can you compare it to SE-M1 if possible? Many thanks.
  12. Witcher
    I’m afraid I don’t have access to that one, nor is it easily available here I think.

    Edit: having done a bit of research, I think I can see why you’re keen on the comparison. I doubt they’re similar. I’ll see if I can locate a pair locally. Will be hard though.
    Last edited: Jan 3, 2018
  13. sling5s
    +1. After doing some research, the SE-M1 sounds interesting too. I don't care for all that bass but the colored mids sounds interesting. Comparisons would be interesting.
  14. PhilW
    The headphones are now in London for a limited period if anyone wants a listen.
  15. musicday
    SE-M1 are one of my favourites headphones at the moment. Looking forward to a comparison to ADX-5000.
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