2017 Audio Technica new flagship ATH-ADX5000

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by seeteeyou, Aug 11, 2017.
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  1. earfonia
    Hmmm... I didn't check the serial number. Now the unit already returned back to Audio-Technica.
  2. mtoc
    sad.... adx5000 isn't pure hard dome, just coated metal... which means not the most advanced tech...
  3. kid vic
    I'm sure Audio Technica tried it during testing and moved away from it for a good reason; just because its "the most advanced tech on the market" doesn't mean its actually the best thing out there or even equal in performance to other lesser technologies.

    The earfonia review is exactly what i was hoping to hear! hopefully a few more reviews will be posted soon
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  4. musicday
    Can anyone compare to SE-Master1 if he has heard them both? Thank you.
  5. sling5s
    Where is the best place to purchase these in the (us) states?
    Hopefully early Jan.
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  6. banco-sg
    @earfonia thanks for your great review! one thing that i wonder though, the soundstage.
    I know it's pretty obvious that ADX5000 soundstage is narrower than HD800/S, but how about ADX5000 vs Utopia? Are they similar in width?
    You also mentioned that ADX5000 is pretty close to Utopia characteristics, do you think it will be redundant to get it if you already own an Utopia?

    Btw, any idea how much it's going to cost here in Singapore?
  7. musicday
    Is it possible to buy high quality leather earpads for ADX5000?
    Also there are not many aftermarket cables yet.I have to admit that at 270 gr without cables this is the king of headphones for comfort. Will this be the best dynamic headphone so far? Time will tell. Happy New year to all Headfi members.
  8. sling5s
    Wonder how they compare to the Grado PS2000e.
  9. Mshenay Contributor
    Good to hear some HD 800 impressions, I just got one! I have to say I kinda dig the more "natural" sound of the HD 800 as it really is kinda slower than fast... the PS2KE made that really obvious. Detail wise though with the SDR mod it's pretty stellar.

    Still here's to hoping we can get a US tour for this bad boi started! More precise, more detailed and more aggressive than the HD 800 and a bit more wide and equally deep as the Utopia isn't a bad spot for them to be in this market. Though that $2k price might hold them back, still I'm sure the second hand price might compete well again'st the HD 800 and certianly the Utopia, but the "creaky" build is a little... un sastifactory
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  10. earfonia
    Hi! I didn't focus my attention on soundstage when comparing ADX5000 with Utopia, so I cannot give definite answer. Most probably soundstage wise they are comparable. ADX5000 is more analytical than Utopia, so tonality wise they are different, and I won't call it redundant to get ADX5000 if you already have Utopia. They are quite different in sonic signature. For recordings that sound best with analytical headphones, probably sounds better on ADX5000.
  11. musicday
    This headphone should work really well with the Realiser A16, because of the lightweight , comfort and very positive early reviews.
  12. Witcher
    It's not THAT obvious... if you spend time with one or the other, you'd be forgiven if you thought one was the other. You really have the AB them and listen carefully to hear some differences in soundstage. The ADX5000 is pretty wide in it's own right.
  13. davidf
    I would've liked to have tried them alongside the Focal headphones as I was informed they compete quite favourably, but not being a Naim/Focal dealer, it wasn't an option for me.
  14. musicday
    Looking forward to see more reviews of ADX-5000. Hopefully they will sell shorter cables and leather earpads in the future.
  15. LaCuffia
    If the pad material and dimensions are similar to the R70X, that would be disappointing. It was too cramped and stiff.
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