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2016 Head-Fi Holiday Gift Exchange sign up

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  1. doctorjazz
    Many thanks to @FraterOiram,received my cds, have to go through my usual ritual (rip to JRiver, download to Pono, stir well and listen), looking forward to hearing some fine, new music! Happy Holidays, y'all!!!
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  2. FraterOiram
    No problem Dr.Jazz, I hope you enjoy them! :)
    I would also like to thank @drbluenewmexico for my gift! I am really loving these tunes (Grateful Dead - Europe 72' - Vol. 2)!
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  3. Wiljen
    Tracking number says Jude's arrived today. Now I just have to hope he didn't already have everything I sent.
  4. BlendedTwice
    Hot Dang! I wish I'd seen this earlier ;(

    Happy Holidays though!
  5. Wiljen
    We should see if the management can send out an email or PM blast next year at the start of thread just so we get better exposure for this. 
  6. First Gen Hun
    Thank you Wega03 for:
    In Strict Confidence - Face the Fear (A band I've enjoyed for many years but never had an album of theirs!)
    Movits! - Out of My Head (Never heard of them but I like the swing in their hip-hop style and I can definitely identify a good few words of theirs.  Neat!)
    Here's a video I found on the youtubes of one of the songs from each album if you're looking to broaden your aural pallet:
  7. RCBinTN
    Is this the only thread, or is there a "What did you Receive" thread that I'm missing?  Thanks.
    Personally, I really enjoyed the gift exchange this year.
    Happy New Year -
  8. lord_tris
    yes it keeps a bit easier I think . 
  9. dc-k
    Happy new year all
    Delighted to report safe recipt of an exceptionally generous 6 CDs from my Russian exchange partner. Some excellent classical from Tchaikovsky and Stravinsky snd some intriguing music from Sergey Babkin and Nautilus Pompilius which is completely new to me. The Sergey Babkin is particularly intersting and quite unlike anything I have in my collection and the recording quality is very good indeed.
    Big big thanks to daijobudes!
    and to Lord Tris for making it happen
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  10. Wiljen
    I received the Tedeschi Trucks Let me get by Deluxe edition and the Alabama Shakes albums from Jude.  Both are blues rock and both fabulous.  I had lost track of Derek Trucks after the Allman Brothers and it was great to see he is still making great music.   Jude really knocked this one out of the park as both are solidly in the realm of stuff I will listen to consistently.
  11. daijobudes
    Sorry didn't report my receiving yet, i received my gift from dc-k and am truly thankful to him for Melodie Gardot - Currency of Man, Boomtown rats (a very interesting recording) and a Portishead -Dummy (a classic which i heard for many times before but didn't know who sang it) I'm especially thankful for the reliable delivery by UPS!)))
    Thank you David and thanks to Lord Tris for making this happen)
    ​Will definitely participate next year)
  12. piotrus-g
    Hey Guys, are we doing the gift exchange this year?
  13. wega03
    I'm in for the gift exchange
  14. doctorjazz
    It's a bit late for this year, no? I'd be up for it, though.
  15. Voxata
    Me too
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