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2016 Head-Fi Holiday Gift Exchange sign up

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  1. FraterOiram
    Everything is copacetic. About to mail out my gift in a few hours.
  2. RCBinTN
    Hi All,
    I really enjoy this event.  It's a great way to celebrate the season, and to get acquainted with your Head-Fi mates at the same time.  My partner this year was @soundsgoodtome.  We agreed on a plan from the jump: $30-40.  Stay in the range.  A fair plan that, IMO, worked out well.
    I received my gifts today.  Thanks, pal.  Since Soundsgoodtome hired a very efficient delivery elf, and it already feels like Christmas here, I decided to open my gifts and to share the music with y'all:
    Clockwise from top left:
     - Daniil Trifonov with the Philadelphia Orchestra - "Rachmaninov Variations"
     - Eric Clapton - "I Still Do"
     - The Weeknd - "Starboy"
     - Alice in Chains - "Unplugged" Live
    This is all new music for me.  A very cool and a diverse selection.
    He had one wish-list item, then we corresponded about what we might like to receive.  That helps to avoid the "damn, I already have that CD" issue.
    I already listened to the EC album - superb and recommended.  
    Enjoy your new music, all.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.
    All the Best -
  3. mwhals

    I just did a ~$40 exchange with Soundsgoodtome and our packages are in transit to one another.
  4. AnthonyInTX
    On Friday I received my awesome gift from @ngoshawk: Alpha Mike Foxtrot, the 4-disc (!) set of rare and live tracks from Wilco. I love Wilco and was so excited to get this. Thank you so much! It's fantastic and I've been really enjoying listening to the album. 
    RCBinTN and ngoshawk like this.
  5. ngoshawk

    Right on, man. Glad to help a brother out. :thumbsup::beers:
  6. Soundsgoodtome
    Special shout out to both my Holiday gift exchange partners, after learning there were more people trying to join in I've decided to take on a 2nd partner because why get one set of music when you can have two!! :wink: Top row came from RCBinTN, Robert and I made suggestions and then a couple of surprises. Allen Toussaint I actually didn't get into until Robert kept posting on the what I'm listening to thread. Another addition to my collection with American Tunes - very fun listen. Excellent stuff. Joe live at the Greek Theater, not much explanation there. Rock/Blues Rock live performance, too much fun. The Daniil Trifonov CD I suggested as it's one I didn't have. I did learn about this great Russian piano player from no other place than last years head-fi gift exchange so go figure -- I even gifted the same CD i got last year to Robert which imo is an amazing listen. Audiophile worthy but very very fun musically.

    Bottom row came from Mark in West Virginia (mwhals). Two CDs I've requested, the Hamilton Mixtapes and Soundgarden's deluxe double CD -- both I've yet to get into but I'm sure I'll be enjoying those immensely. And the surprise CD being a classical by David Phelps, quite excited for this one as I've never heard any of his work yet from reading slightly on him -- he's up and coming!!

    Much shout out to the two gents who made this year a smooth and excellent gift exchange. Another shoutout to lord_tris for making it happen another great year. Happy Holidays everyone! :D
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  7. mwhals

    I have never heard someone put lyrics to classical type music, but David Phelps has a great voice. Glad you like them.
  8. Wiljen
    I am waiting for one more thing to arrive so I can put goodies in the box to Jude.  I'll 3 day it so it will arrive by Christmas.   I also found an address for another head-fier and have a box of goodies to go there too.   Figure life is about what you pass along, always good to do more of it.
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  9. mwhals
    Thanks Soundsgoodtome!


    The Fleetwood Mac CD, I specifically called out as one I wanted. I mentioned I wanted some Alison Krauss music and was surprised with New Favorite.

    The bottom two were surprises. Doug MacLeod is a blues artist that is still performing. This is a gem of a gift.

    Miles Davis is a legendary Jazz artist and the CD is a jackpot as I did not have any of his music.

    I look forward to hearing all of this new music on my QP1R and on my near future desktop system.
  10. Wiljen
    The big brown truck arrived today so packages go out tomorrow.  I'll send Jude a tracking number as soon as I box it up.
  11. ngoshawk
  12. Wiljen
    I got to see twenty one pilots when they and Walk the moon were the opening acts for Neon Trees in Asheville a couple years ago.  This was a concert I had promised I'd take my daughter to and really ended up enjoying. 
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  13. ngoshawk

  14. RCBinTN
    Today I discovered the identity of the "another head-fier," when a surprise package arrived at our home.
    As originally posted by @Wiljen on this thread...
    "I would remind others that every area has holiday traditions that others don't know of.  Send your favorite homemade candy in the box if shipping from home.  We do stained glass sheet candy in Cinnamon, Orange/Clove, Peppermint, and Wintergreen/Spearmint every year.  If I get somebody where I can do 3 day shipping, You can probably expect an Almond breakfast goodie in the box too. Gear may be out, but holiday treats are always on option."
    Well folks, check out the home-made candy that we received today!
    Seems like the cinnamon has to be kept separate, or else the essence will bleed over!
    Also included in the surprise package was a DVD/CD by Mannheim Steamroller with Christmas music...
    What a nice gift - thank you, Will.  The true spirit of Christmas giving lives in you.  Note to all - Will and I were not partners this year, he just surprised me out of the blue.
    The candy is delicious.  So far, we think the cinnamon our favorite (three data points), IMO just perfect, but I really like the orange/clove - not a taste easily found.
    We will solicit the grand daughters' opinions in a couple of hours, and let you know!
    The music is playing now on the Sonos system - very engaging and brightening up the house.
    It feels like Santa just stopped by.  A nice feeling.  Blessings to all, Merry Christmas and enjoy the Holidays!
    All the Best,
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  15. Voxata
    Huge thanks to @Sonic Guild for the incredible tunes. I hope my recipient enjoyed my gift as much as I am enjoying mine. Glad I could participate in this.
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