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2016 Head-Fi Holiday Gift Exchange sign up

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  1. lord_tris
    It's that time of year again for the Head-Fi Holiday Gift Exchange! For those new to this, this has been an annual tradition originally started by Zanth the moderator years ago. And to keep in tradition, there's only one rule. In the immortal words of Zanth:
    If you agree to sign up, you are agreeing to SEND YOUR EXCHANGE PARTNER A GIFT BY CHRISTMAS!
    To sign up, just leave a post in this thread saying that you're in, plus shipping preference if applicable.
    Cut off for sign up this year will be December 5th at 8pm EST This cut-off date is to allow enough time for communication via PM between partners, then for shipping by USPS to both USA & international destinations, if applicable (see Shipping Deadlines here: http://about.usps.com/news/national-releases/2015/pr15_054.htm . Partners will be assigned here, in this post #1, shortly after the cut-off — so keep your eyes peeled here!
    I'll follow Zanth's rule on shipping:
    "I'll try to pair folks up on the same continent or better yet country if specified. Otherwise, I'm going to assume folks won't care who their partner is or where they are from."
    What's considered a gift?
    In past years, this has usually been music — on CD or LP. Or it can be anything else you & your exchange partner would rather do (which can be discussed over PM), as long as it's "software" and not hardware like headphones or other gear. Music is preferred since Head-Fi is sort of a music-related site, but if you & your partner would rather exchange movies (on Blu-Ray or DVD) or some other type of low-cost item, feel free. 
    Please don't be a cheapskate. By agreeing to participate, you agree to BUY at least one NEW CD or LP for your exchange partner.
    This is called the Gift Exchange, not "Exchange of Items I Have And No Longer Want." No pirated material or used items either! Rare, out-of-print, or collectible items are ok though. If you can't see yourself spending at least ~$10-$15 (USD) on a music gift for another Head-Fier, please don't sign up. Web sites like Amazon.com should make this process easy for most people — just order the item on Amazon and have them ship directly to your partner. No need to ship yourself unless some other item is being exchanged, or you have to ship yourself for some other reason.
    Note for US residents: Amazon's other domains (.ca, .co.uk, etc) can be used for shipping to other countries. Here's a list of Amazon's international sites: https://www.amazon.com/gp/feature.html?docId=487250
    Any further questions about details should be worked out with your exchange partner over PM, when those are assigned later right after the cut-off. For example, questions like "Do I gift music that I like or the other person likes? And which format should I get it in?" should be asked directly to your partner by PM. I recommend trying to get something you think your partner will like.
    I'd also like to reiterate: please don't sign up if you're unwilling to spend the nominal cost for a CD or equivalent. The spirit of the Holiday Exchange should ideally be in fun to get something for someone else, not trying to get rid of your unwanted items.
    And in response to anyone wondering why we don't exchange headphones or gear: http://www.head-fi.org/t/637099/2012-head-fi-holiday-gift-exchange/135#post_8923234
  2. lord_tris
    1 piotrus-g =2 walfredo
    3 daijobudes =14 CloudeKr
    6 joe =9 AxelCloris
    7 wiljen - 5 jude
    8 soundsgoodtome =4 RCBinTN
    11 HarryWarner1 =12 Level
    13 dc-k =10 CloudeKr

    It would seem I put CloudeKr on here twice for these three only 
    Daijobudes send to Dc-k
    Dc-k send to CloudeKr
    CloudeKr send to Daijobudes
    Due to the over all ODD number we had this year the US only crowd has a different list please make sure you answer from both The person you are sending to and the person you are mailing out to. 
    1 lord_tris SENDS TO Army-Firedawg
    13 Army-Firedawg SENDS TO Mikualotic
    10 Mikualotic SENDS TO kimvictor
    14 kimvictor SENDS TO wega03
    9 wega03 SENDS TO First Gen Hun
    2 First Gen Hun SENDS TO drbluenewmexico
    3 drbluenewmexico SENDS TO FraterOiram
    8 FraterOiram SENDS TO doctorjazz
    4 doctorjazz SENDS TO lord_tris
    5 AnthonyInTX SENDS TO caenlenfromOCN
    12 caenlenfromOCN SENDS TO ngoshawk
    7 ngoshawk SENDS TO AnthonyInTX
    6 sbradley02 SENDS TO Sonic Guild
    15 Sonic Guild SENDS TO Voxata
    11 Voxata SENDS TO sbradley02
  3. lord_tris
    I am in for obvious reason!!!
  4. First Gen Hun
    Sign me up! 

  5. lord_tris
  6. lord_tris
    no one feeling like a giving mode this year?
  7. lord_tris
    anyone else 
  8. drbluenewmexico
    Sign me UP!!! drbluenewmexico
  9. lord_tris
    bump up
  10. lord_tris
    moar people must want to join. 
  11. doctorjazz
    I just saw this was open, I'm in.
  12. lord_tris
    up for more people 
  13. lord_tris
    where is everyone at come one this has been fun every year. 
  14. lord_tris
    need more people 
  15. doctorjazz
    Hmm, not looking good...
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