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$130 AMP in Canada for DT990's?

  1. cel4145

    It is quite good. But with any popular product on head-fi, there will always be someone that does not like. It is a subjective hobby after all.
  2. Japheel
    now I want to see for myself; maybe I'll go to a meet
  3. cel4145

    Definitely should go to a meet. You'd get to hear all kinds of cool stuff :)
  4. Shaffer

    Listening to a multitude of unfamiliar gear for short periods in a somewhat uncomfortable environment will only confuse you. You want the O2? Buy it. It's not as if it's a huge expenditure. Then, borrow something better - not hard - and compare the two. Listen to the O2 for a week so that you get used to it, and then switch to the other amplifier.
  5. Japheel
    Yeah, I'm planning to go to one in DC on the 30th this month. I want to try and make RMAF too, but it's quite the drive(like, 8 hours)
    I have a friend at a headphone retailer, so she might have an o2. I don't want to buy it though, I'd rather put the money towards the reshell of my sm3_v1. Thanks for the advice, though
  6. devilmonk
    I love how all the negative comments towards the O2 come after I purchase it. 
  7. cel4145
    Negative testimonials are definitely the exception and not the rule:

    And those reviews are at a much higher price point. If the SQ of the O2 doesn't make you happy, the alternative was to spend a lot more money.
  8. Armaegis
    There's a lot of fanaticism around the O2... and a lot of people buy into the mythology (blindly accepting pretty numbers is no different that people getting hyped up over fluffy prose).
  9. devilmonk
    Ugh, shipping is so far away, but canceling the product and ordering it would cost like $60 more dollars. Not sure if thats worth for faster shipping.
    Few months later, I'll get a random package of the O2 b/c i forgot i even ordered it lol
  10. cel4145
    This is the problem with ordering from Massdrop: the buyer's remorse that can result from having to wait for weeks.

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