1. Dot584

    SMSL SD-1955+ high pitch ringing

    Ive had my SD-1955+ for a while and after about two months it began to make a sort of white noise ringing that was just always present no matter what when its on, any volume level. At higher volumes you cant hear it as well but it sounds terrible. I stopped using the thing for a while, it is my...
  2. nun9496

    Which is a better DAC - SMSL SD-1955+ or TOPPING D20

    Please Help.. which one is better DAC for Cheap rate Good Quality For beginner like me     SMSL SD-1955+
  3. hchanrn

    smsl 1955+ DAC....opamp eatting monster

    Well....I am sorry to say but my smsl 1955+ dac that I have been running has started to eat opamps.  I am not sure if it has anything to do with the quality of the opamps that came with it (Chinese copies.) or that the design is bad.  I am not an electrical engineer but from what I have been...
  4. S

    UAE23+ vs. SD-1955+

  5. scootsit

    SMSL SD-793 and SD-1955 DACs

    I searched around a bit and cannot seem to find much about this DAC. It seems to be built with nicer components than the Muse Minis, but there really isn't a lot of info around. Here's a listing for it...
  6. zeusthunderbolt

    SMSL SD-1955+ or the Topping D20?

    In the market for a budget standalone DAC and I figured that the SMSL 1955+ or the Topping D20 would suffice. Now, I don't know much about the components under their respective hoods, therefore I'm in need of some Head-FI enlightenment.   Feel free to recommend other standalone DACs for...
  7. Deicide3

    which of the following DAC's is the best by audio and built quality

    i'm looking for a dac for my headphones, and i know that amp will be overkill for them. so i decided to buy a cheap DAC that will improve the sound and my enjoyment of my music. so far i've found these dac's but dident find any review about the sound and built quality. Hifimediy Sabre USB DAC...
  8. headphonatic

    UD D100 vs dac destroyer vs odac or anything under $150

    Which has a better value? Left my destroyer in China. I'm shooting for a clean sound. Thanks
  9. Jbucla2005

    best budget DAC for home theater

    I need something fairly bright for home theater. What is good and cheap? Thanks.
  10. headphonatic

    Help, need suggestions for an amp that is compatible with an external dac!

    I need suggestions for an amp that will work with my SMSL SD 1955, I cannot use my O2 because the dac doesn't have a headphone jack. My budget it right under 150$, and it will be powering a pair of modded t50rp's
  11. Asyde

    Seeking advice for optimal setup

    Hey guys, I'm brand new to the forums so I apologize if a lot of the questions I have asked have been answered already. If so please just point me to the correct thread :)   I am a novice audiophile, and I am looking for the best setup possible for a PC / PS3 & iPod /iPad being the primary...
  12. 2

    Schiit LYR + LCD-2

    How do they sound together? Is Valhalla a good match for my LCD-2?
  13. Bachnaify

    low impedance AMP/DAC for Denon AH-D7000 and ASUS Xonar Essence STX

    Hi !   Could someone tell me which external DAC/Amp to my current Essence STX's S/PDIF output should I buy ? I will use this cans for gaming.   I can't find O2 in any shop, so please give me names of different amp/dac's which will be fine with this cans.   Please for help 
  14. UpWaiting

    A good dac to pair with Schitt Asgard?

    Hey Head fi,  Does anyone know a good dac to pair with the Schitt Asgard? I use a Macbook Pro 13in. 
  15. jjacq

    Good PC DAC?

    I'm looking for a PC DAC that I can use with my Audioengine A5's. Right now I'm using a Lexicon Alpha and I love the sound but it can't play 96k or 192k. I'd like something similar that'll give me wider soundstage and great clarity with vocals. I also intend to upgrade my A5 in the future to KRK...
  16. UpWaiting

    DAC or AMP first ?

    Hey Head fi, I'm about to buy a pair of Sennheiser HD 650 and I'm wondering if an amp is more important (schitt asgard) or a dac (still choosing). I have a Macbook Pro 13in. 
  17. audio snob

    Good Headphone Match for Project Sunrise

    I just ordered a Project Sunrise Kit but I don't yet have good headphones for them (I just have the Brainwavz HM5 for traveling) does anyone have any advice for a pair of cans that go well with Project Sunrise. I have been between Hifiman HE-4/HE-400 and Sennheiser HD600/650 and Beyerdynamic DT...
  18. GrandeSwag

    Should I upgrade my dac?

    Hey guys, I'm looking for your opinions/suggestions on a dac upgrade. Right now I have a fiio e7 and a millet minimax for an amp. I listen with RS2i's and HD598's. Is the e7 a real bottleneck in my setup? I'm looking to spend under $250 for a new dac, if it is worth getting. Thanks
  19. golgi

    DAC + old cd player = significant improvement?

    I don't have any experience with external DAC's and am just starting to learn about them.   I have an old Rotel RCD-950 cd player.  I bought it new back in 1998.  It still sounds pretty good.  But as upgraditis goes, I'm curious if adding an external DAC will offer a significant...
  20. Zoomer13

    HotAudio BitPerfect DAC/AMP vs ASUS Xonar vs X-Fi Titanium HD vs STX vs Fiio E9/E17 Combo

    My sound card (X-Fi Titanium, non HD) seems to introduce a bit of static into my tracks at this point, the bitperfect sounds much better in comparison, but I know that little thing has a bit of trouble driving my DT990s (600ohm, how do you insert the symbol for that via keyboard anyway? XD).  ...
  21. Chaimera

    Need some help choosing some headphones and an amp for around £400 listening to Progressive House and Alternative Rock

    Hey everyone. I'm new here and looking for a little help.   I'm currently sitting on a mid-ish range set-up my current set-up is as follows.  Sennheiser HD558's Astro Gaming Mixamp with TOSLINK connection   I'm looking to spend around £400 ($615) on upgrading it. I mainly listen to...
  22. jjacq

    Which DAC for my PC setup?

    Posted in another forum but might help to post here too.   I've been using my Fiio E17 + L7 as my DAC and my E17 just died a week ago. It's going to China for repair so I'm trying to figure out if there' s a cheap alternative that I can buy to have as a DAC sufficient for my Audioengine...
  23. defianttek

    Connect Computer to HiFi system

    I'm wondering what the best bang for the buck way to connect my computer to my Hi-Fi system.   Options to explore: USB-DAC High End PCI-E audiocard Studio audio interface Optical into external DAC Looking to spend up to $600 for this.   My Hi-Fi system consists: Wharfedale...
  24. Exion

    Good headphones less than 250$ for electronic producer

      I've been looking for some new headphones for producing (Drum & Bass, Complextro Electro House, Dubstep, etc) at home. I'm in a situation where I have to be quiet most of the time, so I can't get monitors. I've been looking at AIAIAI TMA-1 Studio, which I believe are made for electronic music...
  25. Tripod8

    Question about DT880 and Fiio E7 + E9 pairing

    Hey guys,   I'm looking to get a setup going for home. I've looked around and I'm planning on buying a pair of Beyerdynamic DT880 600ohms. I mainly play my music off my Laptop, but the DAC isnt particularly good either. Now I already have a Fiio E7 at home but I know the new headphones...