1. ZJamaican

    Shure e2c VS Shure e3c

  2. matera

    Are these SHURE e2c (scl2) FAKE or REAL?

    Hey, can anyone tell if these Shure e2c's are real or not?  I bought them used off of ebay and I don't have much experience so I don't know.  Any help would be appreciated, thanks.       
  3. sevinku94

    Headphones on a budget

    So I don't really know that much about headphones but after a couple experiences with legitimately noise-isolating and decent sounding buds, I want a respectable pair.  I have a budget of about $50 or maybe more and I would prefer noise isolating IEMs but wouldn't mind a decent pair of over-ear...
  4. red71rum

    Where can I get better tips for my meelectronics m11+?

    I like my new ME 11+ iems, but the supplied tips do not give a good seal, they are too pliable and do not provide a good seal. I have had Shure headphones, the e2c and a grey pair (don't remember the model #).  Anyway, I like  I guess you would call them the olive grey tips of the shures.  Now I...
  5. Y2HBK

    What to replace NuForce?

    Hey everyone. I have a pair of NuForce NE-7M's that I have had for a couple of years. At the time they were purchased as a best bang for the buck set around their price point (my old pair of Shure SE 310's were stolen). While I have enjoyed them, I am looking for something to replace them.  ...
  6. rockhoppernc

    SHURE E2 monitor id help...

    Whats up all,,,I love music.   Well last year I got a new set of SHURE in ear monitors/earbuds,,, payed $140 I think,,,but I don't know if they are the E2g, E2c of what,, they are all black like these...   they are by fare the best headphones I have ever had in my ears but I want to...
  7. thomaskuhn

    I Need Help! Which kind of earbuds to choose?

    My name is Jennifer. I am using my husband's account. His birthday is coming up and his current earbuds are broken. I want to surprise him with new ones but am totally lost in what to get him. He has had Shure E2C's then switched to ER-4's and back to E2C. He likes the over the ear cable. But, I...
  8. chengbin

    Does ER4 tips fit on the RE0?

    Having used the RE0 + Shure black tips every day on the subway to school. I am increasingly fed up about the lack of isolation on my RE0 on the subway, as I find myself turning up the volume up quite a bit just to hear dialogue. Also, I hear no bass and detail because of the background noise. I...
  9. RobinJJ

    Shure E4Cs. Help with fitting sleeves!!

    Hi guys, i'm new to this forum and would appreciate your help.   I bought these E4Cs and the foam buds/sleeves from Shure to fit on them, problem is they don't!   The nozzle is too wide for the new sleeves. The nozzle seems to be like those on  my old E2Cs, and i bought these new...
  10. ffdpmaggot

    Brief question about Shure E2C balance

    How "flat" are the Shure E2C? I've seen a lot of reviews claiming that the E2C are "flat" and I would say the bass is almost overpowering.
  11. kramer5150

    Shure e2c recable?

    curious anyone recabled their e2c? Any sonic improvements over the stock cable? curious, Garrett
  12. evillamer

    Worst IEM you owned so far

    For me it had to be the Shure SE530: Reasons: Build Quality: 1st pair cable cracked less than 1 year of use. Replacement pair broke(with proper care this time) within 1 year of replacement. Bad Customer Service: Shure won't replace the cracked replacement unit but offered to sell me...
  13. Deviatorz

    M9 Replacement ear tips recommendations

    After doing some searching I found a couple: Comply T-400 and TX-400 bi-flange I want something that will last long and after reading some reviews, Complys get dirty easily. Are silicone ear tips better than foam in terms of noise isolation and quality? Anything that's less than $10? Are...
  14. Ckaz

    Is it worth getting an amp for my headphones?

    I have been wondering lately if I should get an amp for my Shure SRH 840's Here is a link to the headphones -   I really appreciate a warm and colourful sound. I would...
  15. chengbin

    Why do earphone cables go out?

    I've had 5 pairs of earphones (4 Shure E2c, 1 RE0) to go out on me in 3 years due to cable failure. I'm sick of this. I'm going to use my analytical mind to analyze why. Please tell me if I'm correct, and if there are any other reasons of cable failure.    All 5 pairs broke from either left...
  16. obutto

    Looking for Advice on a Purchase ($80 and under)

    Hello,   I know I'm new to the forums and everything, and my first post is also one asking for advice rather than helping, but I really need some advice.   So I've been using Creative EP-630's for the last year, went through approximately two of them (possibly three in a 1.5 year span?)...
  17. unicron

    A couple UE Superfi 4 quesions...

         Hi, I am new to the forums and also new to buying quality IEMs. I had a pair of Klipsch Custom 3s that I purchased a few weeks ago that recently got stolen. While the cord design was one of the worst I have ever seen I did enjoy the way they sounded. (Being that this was my first decent...
  18. cnote678

    Seeking Shure SRH840 sound and earplug-quality isolation in an IEM

    I love everything about the way my Shure SRH 840's sound-and I mean LOVE. But they are way too top heavy and hot to be practical for anything other than sitting still.   And, my Shure E2C's aren't cutting it anymore as far as IEMs go. The isolation isn't good enough (I use the largest...
  19. dramageek92

    Looking for new IEM's with a $50-100 Budget

    Hello Head-Fi. Long time lurker here and I have a question for you guys. I have a pair of JBL Reference 220 IEM's that I think I'm just about ready to retire. They've worked fine but havent given the best sound quality in the world. I'd like to replace them with another pair of IEM's and I...
  20. HeadphoneAddict

    REVIEW: WESTONE 3, the ULTIMATE UNIVERSAL IEM vs everything else

    I wanted everyone to know this review was out there and started it as a new thread so it wouldn't be missed by those who haven't been following the latest IEM news. The currently most active Westone 3 thread is at the following link, and is required reading for those contemplating buying these...
  21. ffdpmaggot

    In what way does a headphones amp affect sound?

    I currently own a pair of shure E2C and I am very happy with them, but I'm curious what an amp would do to the sound. could you explain this to me and recommend a good starter amp to me, somewhere around the 80 dollar range.   Thanks
  22. Shure E2c-n Sound Isolating Earphones (Black)

    Shure E2c-n Sound Isolating Earphones (Black)

    In sleek black, to go with some of today's newest MP3 and other audio players. Originally developed for professional musicians, the E2c combines Dynamic MicroDriver speaker technology with a sound isolating design to deliver rich, full-range sound while blocking outside noise -- ideal for...