1. Blaalad12

    Dt990 pro or Sony MDR-MA900 or alternative?

    Hey guys. I've been looking for a pair of cans strictly for tv use / movies. Both the dt990s and Sony MDR-MA900 seem to get recommended alot and id love to give the Sony's a go. However, they are almost double the price of the dt990s so i reckon the dt990s are better value given that they are...
  2. gfmucci

    Sennheiser 170 (wireless); faint whine that can be eliminated

    When an audio signal kicks in, especially at a low (soft) level signal, these phones produce a faint whine - when the phone volume is turned up all the way.  I suspect it is a carrier wave artifact I am hearing.   However, I just discovered if I lower the setting on the headpiece, perhaps 5 or...
  3. CG23

    Best Wireless Gaming Headset for under $300?

    Hi all, Long time lurker, first time poster. Have been (over the last few months) looking at the various options available for Wireless Headphones. So far the ones that interest me the most are the Astro A50 with MixAmp and the Sennheiser RS170 headphones. To me, the main requirements for me...
  4. tapedeck

    Closed Dynamic, Advantages & Disadvantages in terms of Disturbing sleeping partner & Heat on Ear

    Closed & Open Dynamic, Advantages & Disadvantages in terms of Disturbing sleeping partner & Heat on Ear   I usually listen in the night.     I am currently using Sennheiser HDR45 which is a wireless RF.   I am thinking of getting a Sennheiser RS170 (closed dynamic)  or RS180 (open...
  5. adrian4823

    Headphones with optical input

    If i buy something like the Sony MDR DS6500 and connect it via optical to my Xonar D1 soundcard will that give me noticably better sound than my Sennheiser RS170 connected to Xonar D1 via analogue out jack. Regards Adrian
  6. mumer8637

    Need advice for my first serious headphones; Sennheiser HD558/RS220/RS180/RS170

    Hello, I currently own a Corsair Vengeance 1500 gaming headset so I am officially a Noob at Head-Fi. After reading a lot, a lot, a lot of reviews and forums posts (for the past two months), I have decided to buy a serious headset; or my first serious headset to put it this way. I'll try...
  7. techboy

    The truth about Sennheiser wireless headphones (Review of Sennheiser RS 170)

    The truth about Sennheiser wireless headphones (Review of Sennheiser RS 170) Review of Sennheiser RS 170 Wireless Audio Tech Perfected! Sennheiser RS 170 is a mid end wireless headphone set. It retails for Rs.16990 in India or $279 in USA. It comes with a transmitter Sennheiser TX 170 (the...
  8. techboy

    Review of Sennheiser RS 170

    Review of Sennheiser RS 170 Wireless Audio Tech Perfected! Sennheiser RS 170 is a mid end wireless headphone set. It retails for Rs.16990 in India or $279 in USA. It comes with a transmitter which needs to be plugged in to play. It uses Kleer wireless transmission technology which indeed...
  9. rooibos1986

    AE2W vs MDR-10RBT vs RS-170

    Would love to get everyone's thoughts on these 3.  My requirement is wireless.  I sort of prefer non-BT, unless the BT don't have a lot of lag.  I use these to watch videos on my computer quite a bit.     My biggest factors are comfort and battery life.  I would love nice quality, am actually...
  10. altor

    2 Sennheiser RS170 headphones sound differently

    Hello All!   I have met a weird problem with 2 Sennheiser RS 170 s. I bought one of them in 2013 and another one a year after in March 2014.   The first one has a really nice and clear sound. Very clear and powerful mids and highs and the bass is not overwhelming (which i really like). The...
  11. pavelfur

    Sennheiser HD558, HD598, RS170, RS180 - Which one is better ?

    Hi everbody, I consider buying one of the following models: HD558, HD598, RS170, RS180. I've read a lot of reviews about these models and I still didn't come to a final conclusion which one is better for me. I'm looking for headphones with good sound quality and comfort. Comfort is very...
  12. haydeno

    Wireless Headphones for TV recommendation

    Need to get a pair of headphones for general TV watching. I am considering the Sennheiser RS 170 or maybe RS 180. Anything better for same or preferable less cost ($200)? Any issues with the wireless senheisers? Thanks
  13. techboy

    Sennheiser HD 598 v/s RS 180 v/s RS 170 Mini Review

    Sennheiser HD 598 v/s RS 180 v/s RS 170 Mini Review I went to the Sennheiser office for demo of their headphones. I preferred RS 180 in this lot because the sound quality was nearly as good as HD 598 but with more thumping bass and very little difference in clearness and clarity, while being...
  14. K

    Sennheiser RS170 RS 170 Wireless Headphones - Sold

    Hey guys,   Picked up a MINT used set of cans from Adgtron aka Dakmart via Amazon.  Paid $200 shipped for it.  I've literally used it for a few hours.  It's in MINT condition.    $160 + shipping.   Thanks.   Kevin
  15. delupee

    RS 170 Sennheiser Headphones

    Hello to all, I have Sennheiser Headphone model: RS170. All of a sudden I get this crackling sounds our of the headphones. I tried re-sync them, changing batteries, source and etc... any suggestion on how to fix this?  
  16. bollyraja

    Wireless Headphones for TV - Advice?

    I am currently using Beyerdynamics DT770 with my TV using the optical output going into a DAC then Phono to an AMPs (Corda Aria) headphone jack. The wire is not long enough now, so im looking for a wireless headphone solution for watching movies/console etc with good noise isolation, enough...
  17. kkm9

    Audio troglodyte seeks compassion: Simple questions on using wireless headphones--RS170 or RS180--with a Bose Wave Soundlink

    I'm a 64 year old retired lady who   a)  wears hearing aids, and b)  gave up components for a Bose Wave Soundlink system 3 years ago, weary of wire spaghetti, and c)  now needs wireless headphones, deciding between Sennheiser RS170 & RS180 d)  is choosing the Sennheiser RS170 or 180 to not...
  18. DanKK87

    Help! Sennheiser RS170 wireless headset

    Hi guys, my friend just bought a Sennheiser RS170 wireless headset, on the case it stated that it can use up to 80m range, however my friend try it and it only can use up to 30m, he tried outside his house and there's nothing between the headset and the transmitter. Do anyone who got this RS170...
  19. shaun_g

    Top5 Best Wireless Headphones for the TV - Buying Guide

    A great application for wireless headphones is using them for watching TV. Whether it's a matter of not bothering anyone around you or helping someone who has hearing problems, they can be incredibly useful. Our wireless headphones selection provides plenty of options to choose from, let's have...
  20. A

    Sennheiser RS170 broken?

    Hello I have recently purchased a Sennheiser RS170 and overall I'm very pleased with the way it sounds. However, there is one problem that is keeping me from fully enjoying it, namely, I can hear a constant noise or hiss. It's hardly noticeable when listening to music at a decent volume, but...
  21. asimov1

    Recommendations please - Best Wireless Headphones for under £120 / $190

    Hi everyone,    Was wondering if you could throw some recommendations my way for a pair of Wireless Headphones (preferably closed) for under £120 / $190. They'll mainly be used on a PC for Music, Movies, Gaming.      Thanks in advance.
  22. DerpMaster

    Do I need an amp?

    I have the sennheiser HD558, I was wondering if I need an amp. My current source is a Lenovo Y510p laptop, and I'm wondering if I can buy an amp for under $40. What is the primary point of an amp in the first place? Just wondering if I need one, and if it's worth spending more money to get a...


    Does anyone knows if is possible ,despite the fact that rs 180 earpads have different code number than rs 170 earpads,to put senheiser rs 180 earpads to rs 170.They look like similar to me.I want to replace the leatherette with the velour ones.If this cannot be achieved I am thinking of buying...
  24. Donmichael

    Netflix, Samsung TV and Sennheiser RS170

    Rosmadi:   I need urgently your help. I have my Sanny connected to my Denon Receiver, it works perfect with my BD, CATTV, etc however, when I want to use my headphone for Netflix I dont know how to hook it up since I am using my Samsung TV software. The Samsung TV doesnt have a HDMI OUT in...
  25. DCNo07

    Need advice on a pair of wireless headphones

    I'm looking into getting a pair of wireless headphones to watch movies and play xbox/pc. I'm trying to spend under $200 and so far all I've come up with are the sennheiser RS 170's... If anyone has any other suggestions or opinions on the 170's I would appreciate it. Thanks guys.