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Headphones with optical input

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by adrian4823, Apr 11, 2013.
  1. adrian4823
    If i buy something like the Sony MDR DS6500 and connect it via optical to my Xonar D1 soundcard will that
    give me noticably better sound than my Sennheiser RS170 connected to Xonar D1 via analogue out jack.
  2. Catharsis
    Dude, you're asking for the impossible.
    A digital signal carries information in the form of a binary signal that NEEDS to be converted to an analog signal of voltage / current (i.e. watts) in order to be able to physically affect the magnet and voicecoil of a headphone driver.  An optical signal will do nothing and that I'm afraid is why no such thing exists.  You'd be more likely to find a unicorn. 
    That is why every piece of source equipment needs a DAC (digital to analog converter) in order to playback digital information to either speakers or headphones.  The opposite is an ADC (or analog to digital converter) which takes microphone movements (for example) and converts the analog signal to digital information. 
  3. Kiont
    There is a DAC in the Sony headphones charging station, so it's able to take digital input.
    Assuming the Xonar D1 has the better DAC, and both headphones are of similar quality
    it would be better to let the Xonar D1 handle the conversion and use the analog cable for either headphone.
  4. BetaWolf
    I think I can safely say that a decent dedicated soundcard, even a low-end one like the Xonar D series, has a better DAC than whatever a company might be able to fit into a pair of headphones.
  5. kramer5150
    Its HIGHLY doubtful an all in one solution product in this price range will "sound better" than dedicated components.  One thing thats 100% certain, is you will not be able to hand pick components, and piece together a system that suits your listening tastes.

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