1. dumbttt

    Upgrading from Sennheiser EH350, any good suggestions?

    Need to replace my Sennheiser EH350 since the cables are broken.  I am generally happy with the sound quality of EH350, just wish it could have been a little more comfortable on the ears.  I don't do any audio-related work, headphone is strictly for listening to musics, watching TV shows, etc on...
  2. Nickosz

    Open Aire - good for portable use?

    I'm intrested in buying an open aire sennheiser model (555, 558 or the EH350). My main uses are portable ones - working out or the train.    My question is - how noisy do they get? is the open aire feature that bad for my surrounding..? will people hate me? :)   Thanks, nicky
  3. Apolyonn

    Convert closed-back headphones to open-back

    I've had a pair of HD202's for awhile, and after running across the EH 350s, I started entertaining the idea of converting mine to open back.  I couldn't find a whole lot related to this idea on the net, so I figured I'd just ask.  Is converting [any set of] headphones to open-back a bad idea?  
  4. Br777

    The Accudio app by golden ears, a headphone revolution.

          Yup, i said it, A headphone revolution, and i mean it.   The Accudio app is an excellent music player app with one AMAZINGLY UNIQUE feature.    Choose your headphones from over 300 and counting on their list, download a preset EQ, and enjoy Perfectly Neutral sound!!!   ...
  5. M1thr4nd1r

    Cheap Durable Full Sized Headphones under US$50

    Hi guys, I need a new headphone (mine is in the process of going to the garbage now...) but here are some things to consider: - I can't go over this price tag (I still have to consider the shipping to Brazil, which usually costs about 30 bucks) - It needs to be confortable - It needs to be...
  6. sinafl

    Bose Headphones

    I am considering on buying the Bose Headphones. I mainly listen to rock and rap. The only problem is that I hear there are better headphones for this price. I looked at the shure e3c but I dont like earbuds. Is there anything that looks as good as the Bose and is better?
  7. swaffleman

    Alternate ear pads for the Sennheiser HD 203s.

    I was just wondering if anyone knew of where I could get some better ear pads for these. Ideally I'm looking for one that will create a little more space between my ear and the driver housing. My issue with the stock pads is that my ears will touch the housing and after a while that gets...
  8. Racer24

    Deal Alert: Senn EH 350 ($50)

    Amazon Gold Box has the Senn 350 for $50. Hurry, only 50 min. left before it expires. A nice set for the price IMO.
  9. eclectic

    My son is looking at the sennheiser hd 238 or the eh350-comparisons?

    Now, the 350 is a bit more.  The fact that 1 folds is unimportant.  He  like rock violin music like David Garret and guitarists like joe Satriani, also light rock? He also uses them at night for keyboard and guitar.  He has Technica A700 and Senn buds and would like some open cans for around...
  10. Pangaea

    eh350... Wow

    First off I gotta thank qazwsx for recommending these so strongly in another thread. At 50 bucks (newegg) I couldn't pass up trying them. Plus I really wanted to give Sennheiser another shot after somewhat struggling with my HD595s. I think they do serve a purpose (the 595s) after a lot of burn...
  11. Angelic

    EH350 - completely dissappointed

    Hi everybody. Few days before I decided to buy some heaphones for portable and office use. Ordered AKG K81 - not bad.. but too much bass, and they sitted on my head like a small hat on big alien's head. THen I decided to change them... paid additional money, and bought Sennheiser EH350...
  12. Sennheiser eH350 Open-Aire HiFi Stereo Headphones

    Sennheiser eH350 Open-Aire HiFi Stereo Headphones

    The eH 350 are open, dynamic hi-fi stereo headphones offering a superbly natural sound reproduction. Due to their precise trebles and detailed sound image, these headphones are especially suitable for professional monitoring applications. The eH 350 feature rugged design and easily replaceable...