1. Konka Novalis electrostatic amp

    Konka Novalis electrostatic amp

    Suitable for all Stax Pro series headphones (earspeakers). This is an OTL (Output Transformer less) tube amplifier, Class A. Balance adjustment to compensate earspeakers ageing caused imbalance. With two simultaneos outputs for Stax Pro Bias earspeakers. Amplifier has an extra RCA-output for...
  2. 1101 Audio Blue Halo OTL Tube Headphone Amplifier

    1101 Audio Blue Halo OTL Tube Headphone Amplifier

    BLUE HALO is a dedicated amp for high impedance headphones such as the Sennheiser HD600/650/800, ZMF Verite/Verite C, Beyerdynamic, etc. (anything with 200+ ohm impedance). It's a design that eliminates the need for 6AS7/6080/5998 power tubes for output power. It has two 6J5 sockets and a 6SN7...
  3. wenbinbin2010

    [SOLD] FS: Decware CSP2+ (two available) + Huge Lot of 6922, 5670 tubes (Amperex 7308, WE 396A, NOS Telefunken, NOS Mullard)

    I don't have a great way of selling these, but hopefully something can be worked out! Long story short, I've ended up with two Decware CSP2+ OTL tube amps over the past year. Both work great and sound beautifully with my ZMF high-impedance headphones. The black one is newer and is in slightly...
  4. Grado Diesel

    OTL: Darkvoice 336SE or Bottlehead Crack

    Just saw Drop(Massdrop) has the Darkvoice 336SE for $200 right now. Is it worth jumping on one of those or building a Bottlehead Crack? I own a pair of Sennheiser HD-6XX and have been driving them with a Shiit Vali2 with 6SN7GT Tung-Sol mouse ears and have been in hog heaven. But I’ve been...
  5. katulu

    SOLD Apex Teton w/ TOTL Tubes! Best Amp for HD800/S! +tubes!

    SOLD Hello! I've regretfully decided to sell my Apex Teton amp with a TOTL tube complement, as well as the extra tubes I have. This amp is in "near mint" condition and fully working, and as far as sound... I've never heard HD6xx, HD800, or HD800S sound better in ANYTHING else! Since I've...
  6. Phantaminum

    SOLD: Apex Teton

    Selling an Apex Teton. This amp oozes TOTL from the case to the knobs. It’s beautiful sounding but I’m still on the hunt for a specific sound. The amp does have a scratch to the left of the front transformer. Amp includes: Driver: Added 3/4/2020: Power Tube: Svetlana 6H13C and Sylvania 6SN7W...
  7. Amish

    Abraxas Audio 6CL6 6197 OTL Headphone Tube Amplifier

    I'm asking $350 OBO You add 3% to cover PayPal fee and I will provide free expedited shipping to anywhere in the continental USA. No international sales. I believe I am the second owner of this amp. It was built by Jeff Larson. This amp sounds beautiful with my HD600 headphones. It ships with...
  8. D

    Darkvoice 336SE alternatives and a "medical" question

    My DV 336SE is strange. After it gets hot (20-30 mins) it causes my lungs and throat to get sore. I know it sounds funny, but it isn't as it must be evaporating something that irritates my breathing (based on my research I guess it might be epoxy resin). I have a question - did anybody else...
  9. yrun26

    (SOLD):Darkvoice 336se w/tubes

    (SOLD) Gently used Darkvoice 336se with extra tubes. It's been a great stable in my headphone amp collection powering my T1's. I've splurged on some other audio gear recently plus I broke down and spent a pretty penny on a new puppy for the wife this Christmas...so something has to go. This...
  10. gvl2016

    Darkvoice 336SE OTL Amp with tubes

    Original owner, no real issues with it just not getting enough use and want to reclaim some desk space, the power LED is flickering which is a common issue with these amps. Cosmetics is easily 9 out of 10. Comes with the original box, power cable, stock tubes - very low hours on them, and...
  11. rtaylor76

    [SOLD] Schiit Valhalla 2

    USA 120V Comes with all tubes. Includes as extra - two 6N6P tubes, and one 6N1P stock tube. I think one tube broke in original shipping, and Schiit sent a full compliment replacement set. Includes IEC power cable $250 for including shipping & PP fees, in the US. Canadians, feel free to PM me.
  12. Schwibbles

    SOLD: Little Dot MKIII OTL Tube Amplifier and lots of extra tubes

    SOLD!! Selling an excellent condition Little Dot MKIII. I purchased this new from Massdrop for $220 about a year ago. Since then, I've put about 100 hours on it, spread between different tubes. The amp itself is in excellent condition and will come in its original box with original RCA...
  13. Deaj

    Little Dot Mk III OTL tube headphone amplifier, Voshkod 6ZH1P-EV driver tubes, in near new condition, SOLD

    I have a Little Dot Mk III output transformer-less headphone amplifier up for sale. I am the original owner. I'm listing it in near new condition. It functions flawlessly, sounds fantastic, and I have yet to find any physical or aesthetic issues. It's a tube amp though, and tubes gradually wear...
  14. pr0ggy

    FS : Little Dot MkII + Tube Upgrades [LIKE NEW]

    Original owner, like-new condition, original box included. Pictures coming later this week. Asking price includes stock tubes. Sale only, not looking for trades at this time. Price is firm and includes: Little Dot MkII + Stock Tubes OEM accessories PayPal fees Insured CONUS shipping to...
  15. A2029

    Custom 6080/6AS7 OTL Headphone Tube Amp - In Black Walnut

    Custom made 6080/6AS7 OTL headphone tube amp. Uses oil/wax polypropylene capacitors in the high voltage supply and in part of the low voltage heater supply. This amp is better than the Bottlehead Crack, Crack-a-two-a, and Apex Teton. Uses a single voltage amplification stage followed by a...
  16. Kevin Tam

    WTB: Any Garage1217 Amps

    Interested in buying one of Garage1217's amps. Especially interested in the Project Sunrise and Polaris! Let me know if you have one in good condition. Thanks
  17. ostewart

    Feliks Audio Echo (new budget OTL amp)

    Looks like Feliks Audio haven't forgotten about those on a tighter budget. http://www.feliksaudio.pl/ Launching echo Available for Preorder Many of you asked for a more affordable headphone amplifier. One that would still deliver stunning sound fidelity and don't compromise build quality...
  18. Feliks Audio Espressivo MKII

    Feliks Audio Espressivo MKII

    After several successful years on the market, we decided to refresh our entry level amplifier by optimising its electric circuit matched with upgraded 6N30 power tubes and 6922 drivers. Technical Specification - Model 2018 Input Impedance: 100 kOhm Frequency response: 15 Hz - 45 Khz +/- 3 dB...
  19. redrich2000

    SOLD: Schiit Valhalla 2 (plus tubes)[AUS]

    SOLD Only a couple of months old, as new. Will come with receipt from Addicted to Audio. Two sets of stock tubes, a set of Electro Harmonix gold pin 6CG7s and a pair of matched Sylvania NOS 6CG7s. $450AUD shipped in Australia + PayPal fees. Local pick up in Sydney available. International...
  20. Renato Fury

    Schiit Valhalla 2 vs Solid State.

    Valhalla 2 is an OTL that has a neutral and precise signature as described on the site, but then what is the advantage of te-lo since it does not offer that "tubey" sound that some people love, which makes a Solid state amplifier does not do in terms of sound?
  21. chrisjepson

    SOLD -- Bottlehead Crack OTL Tube Amp

    This beautiful output transformerless tube headphone amplifier was professionally built by a Bottlehead engineer. In addition to the expert build, it has a custom top plate with a copper powder coating. The Crack is one of the best amps made in the last 20 years and works great with Sennheiser...