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Darkvoice 336SE alternatives and a "medical" question

  1. dnac
    My DV 336SE is strange. After it gets hot (20-30 mins) it causes my lungs and throat to get sore. I know it sounds funny, but it isn't as it must be evaporating something that irritates my breathing (based on my research I guess it might be epoxy resin).

    I have a question - did anybody else encounter this problem? Did it stop after a while (once something inside burns out)? I've had DV for 5 months, but have used it max. 50 hrs so far due to this issue.

    I guess I'll have to sell it since it's too risky for me with this behavior so my second question is - what is the alternative for DV? I really like its sound and the way it drives my HD600 and DT770 with a bit of warmth so I'd like to get some amp with similar sound, but maybe more predictable components used inside :) I've heard about Bottlehead Crack, but am a little bit worried that building it may be too hard and it will have the same issue as DV in the end. What are the recommended options for HD600? I've been also thinking about JDS Labs Atom, Schiit Valhalla and Feliks Audio Echo (I'm in Poland, so it should be the easiest buy, othere require international shipping).

  2. buke9
    One of my Cracks did give off a smell for awhile but has stopped now . If you have a protected space where you could leave it outside for a bit and let it run for a few days it could potentially help let it burn off. I never had any breathing problems or irritation with it but you might be more sensitive as I’m an old guy that works outside with heavy equipment. If that doesn’t help then for sure get rid of it. I would not suggest the Atom or Valhalla if you liked a bit of warmth as you are not going to get it from them but have no idea of the Echo as I have not heard it but some of their other amps are very good . You could also look at the Monoprice Liquid Spark Avery nice inexpensive little amp that has just a bit of warmth like most Cavalli designs and for $99 is a bargain in my book.
  3. dnac
    Thanks, I'm currently trying to "burn it out" at my balcony, running it in 4-5 hours cycles, only have to look out for sudden rains :) I'll let it run like this over this week and see if it gets better.
  4. buke9
    It’s worth a try.
  5. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    Meier Classic FF
    Violectric V280 (maybe the V200 but I haven't tried that yet)
    Burson Conductor
  6. dnac
    It looks like Meier Classic FF is no longer available. Will Jazz or Rock suit HD600?
  7. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    I'd go with the Jazz FF. Or wait until Meier comes up with the Classic's replacement. It's too large of a gap between the Jazz and the Soul there's bound to be a new one.

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