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I've seen WBA mentioned a few times, with a couple of product specific threads but no general WBA discussion in here. This is a thread for owners to come and share their experiences with the company and their amps.

WBA make a few different amps, pre-amps and headphone amps: https://www.wbamp.com/

WBA will also make custom amps tailored to your specific needs.

I have not heard any WBA amps yet, but I am hoping to review one some time in the spring.


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I had an amplifier built by Wba a hybrid amplifier about half a year ago.
The basic idea came from me and Wba improved and refined it.
The amplifier came about because I was looking for a powerful hybrid amplifier that could drive planar headphones smoothly.

After I looked at the market and the concepts were not so convincing, I had a hybrid amplifier made by Wba according to my request.
Originally I had planned something like a Schiit Lyr 3 but better.
In the end after Wba's ideas it became a very potent hybrid amplifier with 2x6SN7 socket, A/B pushpull from it with a small extra charge than usual planned but worthwhile.

Because it was a bit unique the build took a bit longer but it was worth it.
The communication has always been smooth.
The build quality is very good and far from Made in China products.
Responds very well to tube changes.
Soundwise it is also very good where I rate it strongly towards midfi.
It is definitely better than the Little dot 1+ and Pathos Aurium.
Drives the Aeon R/T and Lcd 2C with enough power, dynamics and punch.
Especially with the Lcd 2c, some say it can't reproduce bass so well, but with the right tube it's a must.
Even with the Aeon R/T headphones, the amp pushes the Aeon to a whole other level.

The Name of this little biest is Wba HPA Firebird.


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…but no general WBA discussion in here…
In fact, there are hardly any opinions about WBA, strange, the relationship between workmanship and price seems excellent.
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I‘m still very happy with my WBA Tzar.

An OTL which will drive planars, including the original HE-500!

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I would say the Tzar is closest to something like a simplified Zana Deux.

Best matches so far are Beyerdynamic DT-1990 Pro and AT ATH-R70x.
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