1. ostewart

    Miltra OTL Valve Headphone Amps from Poland

    I see this brand doesn't have a thread on here, and I haven't seen any owners here either. I'm hoping to be getting an OTL-8XT soon in for review, and thought I'd create a thread for the brand. They look like fantastic...
  2. ostewart

    WBA - White Bird Amplification - Thread

    I've seen WBA mentioned a few times, with a couple of product specific threads but no general WBA discussion in here. This is a thread for owners to come and share their experiences with the company and their amps. WBA make a few different amps, pre-amps and headphone amps...
  3. Another Audiophile

    Audio Valve RKV HAA - Impressions Thread

    Amplifier Specifications OTL - transformer outless tube amplifier ( signal closed feedback loop in OTL concept ) double mono construction Alps volume control ( or remote control as option ) output: 2 pcs. 6,3 mm stereo / XLR combi jack and 4 pin Sennheiser jack for headphones input: 2 pairs of...
  4. Palartemis

    Best volume settings in the chain for best results.

    As a Noob to headphones , tube amps, DACs etc I was looking for advice as to ow to set up my audio chain with regards to volume settings. Which elements in the chain should be set to high volumes to get the best results. My equipment will be :- Windows 10 Laptop using Musicbee which will...