1. OldDude04

    FS - Optoma NuForce HEM4 IEMs with Dual BA's

    SOLD Hey everybody, I'm looking to sell my mint condition set of Optoma NuForce HEM4 Dual Balanced Armature IEMs. Comes with the original box, soft case, waterproof hard case, the stock cable with the mic, an aftermarket braided copper cable, all original tips other than the foams (they were...
  2. Drop + NuForce Move Wireless IEMs

    Drop + NuForce Move Wireless IEMs

    True wireless Bluetooth IEM from Drop + NuForce with 6hrs + 18hrs battery life
  3. Massdrop x NuForce Stride

    Massdrop x NuForce Stride

    A Bluetooth IEM that’ll keep you company day in and day out at the gym, in the office, and on trips and commutes. Done in a custom midnight blue, the anodized aluminum housings are lightweight and durable. The IPX5 water-resistance rating makes them great for workouts, while the smaller size and...
  4. jude

    Massdrop x NuForce Stride Bluetooth IEMs: First Impressions & Measurements

    Massdrop x NuForce Stride Blueooth IEMs: First Impressions & Measurements Wireless headphones have gotten a lot better over the last several years — so much so that it’s not surprising to hear a good one any more. It is surprising, however, to hear a really good one and then find out it’s...
  5. dewy22

    NuForce EDC

    For sale is the Massdrop X NuForce EDC. Comes with 2 removable cables. One of them has a mic/remote. Comes with a case and tips. Asking for $old shipped. CONUS only.
  6. Rish732

    FS: nuforce ne800m earphones

    hello all! A mint pair of nuforce ne800m earphones. Asking $40 which includes shipping and PayPal fees to CONUS. Anywhere else message me first, please. Just have too many earphones need to thin the herd. These have been used for less than 2 hours total. Message with any questions. No trades...
  7. VladMan333

    [USA-PA][H] Nuforce uDac 3 [W] Paypal

    Picture: Original box and usb cable included. $70 shipped to conus. F&F, buyer pays G&S if requested. My at work dac/amp for the summer. Finishing up work before my semester starts so I won't need the udac anymore but will need money! Thanks for checking out...
  8. Kevin Tam

    PRICE LOWERED* NuForce UDH-100 DAC Amp (Black) - Excellent Condition

    Purchased at pristine condition from previous owner. Discontinued model. MSRP was $649USD. A very good quality DAC/Amp that uses the AK4390EF DAC chip. The DAC section is identical to the one used in DAC-100 and DAC-80. The USB implementation is slightly different. Build is sleek and durable...
  9. rantng

    Massdrop x NuForce EDC3 IEM

    Came across this press release for the EDC3, a three BA follow up to the Massdrop x Nuforce EDC, priced at $99. I’ve copied & pasted the press release which can be found here: Optoma NuForce and Massdrop Announce Massdrop x NuForce EDC3 In-Ear Monitor, Bringing Audiophile Sound at a Mainstream...
  10. Hi-Fi EDU

    (Sold/Traded) FS: NuForce HEM6 IEMs

    Sup! I have the aforementioned and below-pictured for sale. Purchased in May 2016, only owner and non-smoker. I take great care with all my items, so these are in very good condition. Two minor notes (pictured): (1) one of two included cables has a trivial, cosmetic bump in it. Zero issues...
  11. thi181

    SOLD: hd6xx, nuforce edc Update

    I recently bought my first set of ciems( harmony 8.2) so i dont need these anymore. They haven't arrived yet so they will be mint condition. I have proof of purchase Included-EDC 2 cables (one braided, one with remote/mic) 3 sets of silicone ear tips (S, M, L) 2 sets of foam ear tips (M, L)...
  12. Bones1885

    Nuforce HA-200 Barely Used

    Selling barely used HA-200. It has under 50 hours on it. Kept in it's box. Comes with original box and power cable. Selling due to lack of use and how warm the weather is in Southern Cali. Looking to sell for $180 shipped, including paypal fees, or best offer. PM me with any questions.
  13. moedawg140

    Review: Massdrop x NuForce EDC In-Ear Monitors

    Review: Massdrop x NuForce EDC In-Ear Monitors Before I start the review, I would like to thank Massdrop for the complementary earphone. The main review is also located here Introduction Massdrop is...
  14. dosley01

    SOLD Nuforce Primo 8 20hrs or less SOLD

    For sale is basically a new pair of Nuforce Primo 8s. I used them for a day or two, then bought a new MMCX cable to use with them and used them that way for about a week or so, so the factory cable has less than two hours of use and the IEMS maybe 8. The only thing is the do not come with the...
  15. [No title]

    [No title]

    Frontal-ish profile of the Stax and Singxer
  16. [No title]

    [No title]

    Top to bottom: Sinxger SU-1, Stax SRM-600 LTD, Nuforce HA-200 (x2), Gustard X20 PRO, and Emotiva DC-1 (not pictured)
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