1. e2pathos

    Denon D2000 Amping help please

    Hey everybody, so my thread earlier helped me to decide that my next set of cans is going to the be Denon D2000s. From what I hear the clean and deep sub bass that doesn't mud up the mids and highs sounds ideal for my liking.   I have also heard that they sound significantly better amped up...
  2. those_stairs

    Something wrong with my Musical Fidelity X-CAN v8!

    I get a subtle but extremely high pitched ringing in the right channel... It usually settles down when I tap my fingers on the top of the amp, but this is unacceptable. What may be the cause of this? I'm guessing it has something to do with the tubes.
  3. entrope

    Amp for HD-800 - RSA Apache or Woo WA5-LE?

    Hail all,   Am looking to move up a little bit with my headphone set up (mainly utilizing my Sennheiser HD-800) and need a few opinions.   My budget at this point of time is anything under five grand.   My direct previous (and now sold) headphone amplifier was the Musical Fidelity...
  4. DjAmTraX

    Musical Fidelity X-Can V8 & V3 Tube Buffer Question

    Does the MF Tube Buffer V3 Power Supply Unit work with my X-Can V8?  I kinda want to get this.
  5. cannondale11

    X-can V8 or Schiit Lyr for my k702?

    Hi all   I just got myself a k702, very nice build headphones, but with my RSA preditor, it sounds terrible, looks like the preditor suit IEMs better.    I'm search a lot these days and finally cut shorten my list to these two. X-can V8 and Schiit Lyr   One thing that I'm concern...
  6. jdandy

    Musical Fidelity X-Can V8P Gets Gold Lion Tubes

    Yesterday I installed a matched pair of Gold Lion ECC88 tubes in my Musical Fidelity X-Can V8P headphone amplifier. I don't have a clue who manufactures the stock tubes. There wasn't any name or place of origin printed on the tubes, only ECC88. I must admit that the stock tubes sounded very...
  7. mironathetin

    Comparison: Lehmann back cube linear, Earmax pro, X-Can V8p (with HD 650)

    Recently, the german hifi magazine Audio published a comparison between the Grado GS 1000 and the Sennheiser HD 800. In a side note, they also wrote about the amps they used and rated them. The Musical Fidelity x-can V8p, that I own, was placed 3rd out of 4, while the Lehmann black cube linear...
  8. Jema

    First amp, Harmony Design EAR 90 or other (cheaper) alternative?

    Hello!   I'm about ready to purchase my first amp, to be used mainly at home. I want something that will give me a good bang for the buck and work decently with a variety of phones - the idéa of having several amps to fit different headphones sounds far to combersome and expensive...
  9. ADD

    Musical Fidelity xcan v8

    Hi, I have been struggling to find any information on this upcoming component. I've done several searches here at head-fi and could not find any threads (sorry of there already are). So far, I have just found a news mention at Computer Audiophile | Turn Down The Silence and that is about it...
  10. arteom

    Sell or Keep X-Can v8 for Audeze LCD-2

    I currently have a X Can v8 in the for sale forums, but thinking if maybe I should keep it. I am planning on purchasing a LCD-2, so have been thinking I should sell the X-Can, build a EHHA (maybe the new revision that is hopefully available soon).     What do you guys think will be a...
  11. tink97

    Looking for Good bass headphone amp

    Hello everyone I am looking into buying a ss amp that gives good bass and I am wondering if The burson h160 or the X-Vcan8 is better or are there other suggestions?  I am open to any thank you.  I will probably be using beyer dt880 600 ohms and akg 240 mp sextetts.  I listen to jazz alot and...
  12. Bizong

    Amp for my new MD-5000's

    I'll be receiving my MD-5000's in a little bit and I've since gotten enough money to order an amp to go along with them. My budget is max $700. I've never acutally owned an amp before, so I don't really know what i like. But my music preferences are heavy metal and trance. I've heard good...
  13. _Stooge_

    New amp for ATH-AD2000

    About 2 months ago I upgraded to the ATH-AD2000s and have fallen in love with them, but i dont think my little ibasso P3+ is giving me the power or the sound im looking for. So i ask you guys... has anyone had experience amping this phone and what your suggestions may be? Im willing to spend...
  14. iamjacksears

    Heed CanAmp, Graham Slee Solo SRG II, or X-Can V8P?

    These have both been around long enough to move past FOTM so I was hoping to get some opinions from owners or previous owners of these amps. This will be for a desktop rig using either an iTouch as a source or my work PC through a v-dac. The main headphones I will be using will be the D5000...
  15. cifani090

    Amp Combo for Denon AH-5000

    What amp combo should i buy for my Denon AH-500 and any other headphones that i want to buy in the future.     #1 Fidelity X-Can V8P Fidelity X-Can PSU V8   #2 Music Hall Ph25.2 Music Hall Dac 25.2   #3 Headroom Micro Amp Headroom Micro Dac Headroom Desktop Power...
  16. bjoern

    Tube rolling on MF X-Can V8

    I know there are several threads on the MF V8 subject, but I found it hard to collect info regarding tube rolling on this one. So, here is a new thread... I am totally new at this, so I need some help. Can tou recommend any good sounding tubes for this amp? Where can I find them? Where can...
  17. mshan

    Musical Fidelity X-Can v8 for AKG K701 (currently own Heed Canamp)?

    I currently own a Heed Canamp and use AKG K701 headphones (probably still breaking in at 100 hour mark).   Can anyone describe in detail how different a presentation the Musical Fidelity X-Can v8 would provide vs. my current Heed Canamp?
  18. tdogzthmn

    interested in X-CANV8P

    What are opinions of this amp regarding sound quality, characteristics, and its built in DAC.  I would like to hear from someone who owns this amp and if it suited to high impedance headphones.   Thanks.
  19. crashhot

    headphone amps in UK

    as we seem to be suffering somewhat regarding exchange rates at the moment (not to mention a hefty tax if we import), does anybody have any recommendations for this sid of the pond?   I listen to all kinds of music and my headphones are AKG 701's but I am a bit new to this head phone...
  20. Musical Fidelity X-CANV8P

    Musical Fidelity X-CANV8P

    The X-CANV8P is an advance on the outgoing X-CANv3. The difference is similar to comparing an Audi A4 compared to an Audi RS4. They both look similar but the performance is light years apart. The X-CANV8P will drive any headphone easily (including the wicked AKG1000) and deliver sweet neutral...