1. cardboardhome

    Monster Turbine Pro Copper Replacements

    Hi. About a year ago I bought a pair of Monster Turbine Copper Pro's, which come with a lifetime warranty. Since then, the headphones have broken, been replaced, and now have broken for a second time. With the warranty I'm allowed to have them replaced again but when I called Monster they said...
  2. raymond1035

    monster turbine gold help

    Hey they're selling these for over 500 on ebay but as low as 200 on amazon. Which one should i buy? And there's the audiophile version. Is there any difference?
  3. Wonkyknees

    Replacing Monster Turbine Pro Golds

    Hi all, I'm hoping you can help. My Turbines were recently stolen. I'm gutted as these were the best sounding headphones I've ever owned and suited my style preferences perfectly. Any recommendations on what I could buy to replace them, now that Monster have stopped selling than? Thanks, Nick.
  4. s5300

    Please help me find some decently priced Monster Turbine Pro Golds.

    Hello all. First post at head-fi, but I've been lurking around here for nearly four months. Been reading up everything on the whole Monster Turbine Line.        For nearly two months, I have been looking for not only authentic MTPG's, but a pair that is not priced at $300. I've tried ebay, and...
  5. FaTbOyOnAbiKe

    Thinking about buying Monster turbine pro gold?

    Hey, I was looking around on the forums and i saw someone mention the monster outlet store link here :   Has anyone bought headphones from here? i want to buy the refurbished MonsterTurbine PRO gold ones but i wanted some input before...
  6. letsgododgers

    Shure se215 vs Vsonic gr07 vs Ultimate Ears tf10/700 vs other?! Best earbud in $99-$200 range?! Help

    Trying to decide on the best pair of earbuds in the $99-$199 range (tentatively) I currently own the Klipsch S4i rugged and I love them however I would like to take it up a notch or two and really "feel the music" (I listen to a WIDE ranch of music primarily rock,alt rock, classic rock, hit...
  7. Gunmetal

    IEM under $150 for Alternative Rock

    Hey Guys  Im no audiophile but ive been experimenting with a few mid-fi iems under 120$ but somehow i couldnt find the right sound signature  Ive searched around here on head-fi but most of the options mentioned here are really expensive for the genre i listen to  I listen to alternative rock...
  8. Benjamin6264

    FS : Monster Turbine Pro-Gold Accessories (Box, Pouches, Tips)

    Greetings fellow Head-Fi'ers,   I have recently traded a pair of Monster Turbine Pro Gold on the forum. The other trader already had the Coppers, so he didn't want any of the accessories. I am now selling some of the spare accessories from the MPTG's. :)   Here's a list of all that's for...
  9. DramatikBeats

    IEMS for Galaxy S3 (Mic/Volume Controls) £100 Budget

    Hey guys, I'm looking for some IEMS for my Galaxy S3 (Android) that have a mic. I have the Sony MH1C's but the heavy remote and the J-cord are annoying me, can't wear them for more than 5 minutes in the street without an earbud falling out. Wasn't a fan of the Klipsch Image S4's either since...
  10. Frankyspanky

    Looking for upgrade ( I have Monster Turbines now), or not...?

    Hi,   I've been reading a lot of reviews (including the big comparing thread by joker) and now I am excited about buying a better (or atleast different) IEM. I could be described as a Basshead, but I dont really know what it means. What I can is that almost all the music I listen to is...
  11. soxorz

    How much are my Monster Turbines worth?

    I have a pair of Monster Turbines Pro (Earphones only) IEMs, and I am looking forward to sell them on eBay, but I have no idea how much I should price them because of 1 defect, which is the outer layer of protection that covers the wire inside is cut. And not only is it cut on the outside, also...
  12. The Known

    IEM's < $500 Monster Pro Gold, Monster Miles Davis, SM3, Westone 4, Sennheiser IE80

    This is my first post on this forum. I've read a lot already and it's a great place here but didn't really find a good answer/recommendation to the situation I have. So here you go! -------------------------------- I'm looking for a good IEM set at the moment. I have a home studio so I know...
  13. monsterask

    Digizoid ZO2 + Monster Turbine Gold

    Hi, would appreciate some help.   Right now I have a Cowon C2 and MTPG and im really happy with the sound, but I tought better is good so I started looking for an am and I think I make up my mind to go with a Digizoid 2 (Because of the size, price and almost no distortion)   So my...
  14. Penguin1026

    Best iems under 150!

    Hey guys! I'm new here, and I'm looking for the best iem I can get for under 150. I need them to be durable, I would love to have a detachable cord, but it's not a deal breaker. I listen to mostly rock and electronic, but I listen occasionally to other genres. If there are any ?'s let me know...
  15. TheSlov3nc

    In-Ear Headphones 200€ Help

    Hi guys I'm looking for some comfortable in-ear headphones for listen to hip hop/rap, so I need something with bass.  I've been looking a bit into it and I've come down to 4 headphones:   Monster Turbine Pro Gold Ultimate Ears 10 Pro Sony MDR EX 600 Yamaha EPH-100   So if...
  16. ZARIM

    The Biggest universal IEMs or in earbuds Denon AH-C300.....

    I tried these recently and they are almost in size near to small onear headphones but they sound realy good due to large dynamic drivers with rich deep punchy bass(good news for bass heads) and amazingly crsip clear mids, highs with wide soundstage and good imaging. BTW i did side by side...
  17. KlownDie

    Consumer Bass Headphones/Earbuds

    Hi,   I am looking for a pair of headphones/earbuds that have some really strong bass. I listen to Rap/Hip Hop.  I bought a pair of Monster Turbine Gold Pro ($350), because i read they were great for bass. After 1 week, i returned them, and learned the difference between Audophile Bass, and...
  18. monsterask

    Monster Turbine Gold Sounds terrible, fake?

    I lost my ordinarie Monster Turbine and I loved them so much so I tought I could upgrade and got the Turbine Gold. But so far Im really disappointed. Heres the thing, the bass is really good and powerful, the highs are good but the mids, the mids sound really bad. They are muddy, no detail...
  19. kapooon

    IEM Deciding problem

    Hey head-fi'ers!   After 1 years and 11 months my Ultimate Ears 5 died on me. I still had 1 month of guarantee so I sent them back, but they couldn't repair them. They don't sell them anymore either, so I got my money back in the form of a voucher (€140), so this is a nice chance to...
  20. cinek

    Monster turbines Pro gold or turbine mobile high performance or denon AH-C560R or AH-C300

    narrowed my search for IEMs  a bit   looking at Monster turbines Pro gold or turbine mobile high performance or denon AH-C560R or AH-C300   I'm looking for a decent base but not overpowering. Currently have mie2 and it's really lacking the base. All of the above have iphone controls...
  21. arvbuddy

    Replacement for Monster Turbine Pro Gold

    So I just walked in to Best Buy 2 days ago and fell in love with them!   Well they already broke. I took really good care, but the earbud part split apart!   Now I've read about people trying to glue it and stuff and I don't even want to have to deal with that, you shouldn't have to glue...
  22. Kylemcg


    I like rap and hip hop, amd i want either the sennheiser ie80, the shure se535, or the heir audio, what would be the best for me, and what do i need to drive each. Please reply to my thread.
  23. prm4

    what are the best earphones with serious quality for everyday use?

    Hi Guys,   Question: what are the best earphones with serious quality for everyday use?   I’d like to get your help with choosing some earphones for my everyday use. I’ve been looking through this site and following up on YouTube and I realised I needed to come back and seek the help of...
  24. imuz

    Monster Turbine Pro Gold is it worth upgrading to Miles Davis Tribute?

    So I have had my MTPGs for about 2 months. I am really liking the smooth punchy sound they have.   Unfortunately one side has stopped working so I was thinking of getting a refund from the retailer and using the cash plus a little extra to buy a pair of Miles Davis Tributes.   I've heard...
  25. Owlface

    Looking to buy IEM up to $450 USD!

    Hey guys,    Recently got a pair of W4 but my dad decided he should have them, so back to shopping for me.    Musical Genre: All rounder, I listen to a bit of everything. Would love to have a fun IEM that is the smoothness of the W4 with a bit more bass. Source: International SGS 3 w...