1. Nihl

    Bass Heavy, Hard Hitting IEMS?

    All good....found what I was looking for :) ty
  2. rhcpepper

    IEMs ~$20

    I had the MEElectronics A161Ps for a while, but after the cord got screwed up so quickly with only low to moderate use I decided I am not wasting my time with anything more than $20. I just don't listen to them enough to warrant spending that much money to get something that, build quality wise...
  3. ostewart

    Review: MEElectronic M-DUO a new Dual DD IEM

    Review: MEElectronic M-DUO   First off i would like to thank Joe at MEElectronics for sending me this review sample. I will write as honest a review possible. They received over 50hrs of burn-in and little changes were noted so don't judge them straight out of the box.   Gear Used...
  4. DJ George T

    Wired version of Meelectronics Air-fi Metro

    This is a bluetooth headset. Aluratek also sells a version of this headset. I do enjoy the sound of these phones, but do not like the fact that they are bluetooth only. Does anyone know who the OEM manufacturer is and whether they make a wired version of this headset?
  5. Kenny Ingram

    MEElectronics M6 PRO Musician's In-Ear Monitors

    Musicians like me have been waiting a long time for this day - the MEElectronics PRO line for musicians! :) I've been using the M6s now for over a half a year, and they've been absolutely solid on stage. I cannot wait for more news on these. Here's the link to the new M6 PRO product page (and...
  6. DeoreDX

    Need help finding tips to fit the MEE AF71

    I recently picked up some MEE AF71's.  Although I love the headphones I hate the included single flange silicone tips.  Horrible seal on all sizes for me.  Single flanges just never seem to get a good seal in my ear (except for the oval-shaped ones on some Klipsch 'phones).  Shure Black Olives...
  7. vipervick

    Bluetooth headset help needed.

    Hi all,   I want to get my wife a Bluetooth headset for her iPhone this Christmas. Her car doesn't have Bluetooth and the crappy speaker thing she bought doesn't work so well. What are some good ones to look at?   Attributes I am looking for are:   Volume Clarity Good mic Easy to use...
  8. AxelCloris

    Grab Bag Extravaganza!

    Grab bags. What can we say about them? So much mystery surrounds them. There are vendors online who will do these from time to time, much like the current sale from MEElectronics quoted below. I'm one who has a hard time passing up a grab bag when it's a good price. Heck, I've tossed in an extra...
  9. postrock

    Compact Portable Headphone Roundup (16 Phones including PortaPro, PX-100 II, V-Jays, Tracks, K430, and more)

    Introduction We seem to be in a “golden age” in terms of the number of good sounding, lightweight, portable headphones that are available on the market. Portable music players and digital music files have become the norm. And for many, such as me, IEM headphones are just not an option. In this...
  10. FrenchDavid

    Best build quality ?

    What earphones / brands have the best build quality ? Too many earphones have died on me because of cable issues, so I really want to make sure that build quality is one of the main criteria in my selection.
  11. Dacrazydude

    MEelectronics A161p - Amazing Clarity, Amazing Sound [Review]

    MEelectronic A161p   The A161p is MEelectronics newest flagship IEM and is priced at $100 MSRP. Using a single armature Knowles ED driver, it aims to deliver reference quality sound that is balanced, clear and accurate. Read on after the photos for the details!            ...
  12. blackice89

    Can I get some help buying a pair of IEMs?

    Hello. I recently joined because my Sennheiser 271s broke, and I need a new pair of IEMs. I don't plan on spending too much, and my utter maximum is 80 USD or 4000 Php. For my listening profile, I'm into mostly rock (Incubus, Tool, A Perfect Circle), ballads (A Perfect Circle's 3 Libras tops my...
  13. geoxile

    Buying replacement covers/tips for IEMs?

    Mainly looking for something to replace the ones that come with the Brainwavz M1 (because I lost most of them). Any thoughts on what to get? Most of head-fi seems to like Comply tips but they seem like a steep price just for tips, and for a $40 pair of IEMs no less. Alternative question, would...
  14. yearsofwisdom

    HJE900 Ear Tips

    I lost all my tips.... which ones are the best for these?
  15. emmarbee

    Suggest a $50 in-ear monitor [Better Bass than Brainwavz M2]

    I've been using Creative EP-630 for the past 4-5 years. The main reason for me to hold on to EP 630 was the fact that it's the best in-ear monitor for it's price INR 600 ($12). Now that I've got some money to spend a bit more on my IEM,  I wanted to switch to a better earphone.   Lately...
  16. feteru

    Monster Turbines?

    So I recently got into the audiophile game with grado sr-80i's and an e-11, and I was wondering how the monster turbines are, as I have been looking for some decent iems. On Amazon, they are going for ~$85, is that a good deal? They almost definitely will not be fake, as they are shipping from...
  17. SplashArtist

    Blox M2C, Sennheiser HD25-1 ii, VSonic GR07 Impressions to come!

    Next paycheck I will be investing in some headphones, so expect some impressions to come pretty soon! For anyone who's heard of the new M2C (earbud) by BLOX, it's their new earbud replacing the TM5 for a quarter of the price, so I'm pretty excited to see how these sound for 40 bucks! 
  18. casperia


    I was just looking on Amazon, and I saw this.  Unfortunately, I just bought some ADDIEM's on eBay, so I can't get any.... But I've only seen them for $39 one other time, and they sold out in 3 days.  Good luck!  ...
  19. dziendobry

    [Review] MEE A151

    Intro Thank you to Joe from MEE for sending these to me to audition, I have really enjoyed the experience.  The A151 can be purchase from them from their website or through one of the retailers that carry them.  I am going to approach the write up of the review backwards, providing the...
  20. closecombat007

    How to connect impedance matching audio amplifier to impedance matching transformer?

      I was wondering if anybody out there would be kind enough to help me hook audio amplifier to impedance matching transformer? I am trying to hook up KEMO M034N to HAMMOND 119Y30 transformer. I am having trouble knowing what pin to hook up at the transformer.   Below is the specs:  ...
  21. PurpleAngel

    In Earphones with mic, $15-$20 range

    I just picked up a Samsung A927 slider cell phone which has the 3.5mm jack. Looking for the best (decent) in earphones (with mic) in the $15-$20 range
  22. RevAmped

    Shure SRH240 vs Sony MDR-XB700 vs V-Moda Crossfade LP

    Shure SRH240 vs Sony MDR-XB700 vs V-Moda Crossfade LP   I've been considering which cans to get to replace my MeElectronics headphones and have narrowed my choices down to these three, with the Shures and Sonys I am going to be getting a Fiio E6 amp, but not with the Crossfades.   There...
  23. GGXtreme

    Warm/Balanced IEM with Good Bass Under $200?

    I've previously owned the MEElectronics CC-51P and I really enjoyed them: the bass was extremely satisfying, the smoothness and sweetness were pleasant and the timbre was impressive for ~$100 I paid at the time. I'm not necessarily looking for something with the same sound signature, but I'm...
  24. Trent41

    Could anyone told me, what is the best among the three; Beats tour, Beats turbine, or t - JAYS three? and why.

    Any suggestions will do, cause i really need to know what is the best and the difference among the three, before I buy a new headphone. Thank you in advance
  25. casperia

    Need Help Choosing IEM's around $15 for Samsung Captivate

      Hello, all! To start out, I have been looking around this website for a while.  I have been considering Meelectronics CC51, but my budget has been set at a STRICT $15 (no one I know sees the point in spending more than that.  I do.)  When I bought my Captivate, I had been using some iHip...