1. bhagu

    In ear headphone for my lg nexus 4

    Hi friends,   I fed up with searching for an in ear headphone for my new lg nexus requirements are  requirements are:- 1)in ear type 2)good bass and clarity 3)with in max $45 4)it should have in built mic for calling and volume control.     please suggest me one in ear...
  2. naveenanandp

    IEMs with Mic <$60

    Hi All,   I am very new to this forum, but i have been going through many post here to find out the best IEM for my I-phone 4 & Samsung galaxy s. I wanted someone to suggest me the best IEM with Mic which would be lesser than $60.   Good sound quality, Good looks, Good comfort are my...
  3. Myself23

    30$ IEM Recommendation

    Hello, I would like to ask you to recommend some IEMs for my sister. The budget is 35$. She would like to have good sound (but not too neutral, not "Boring" sound) and comfort. She would also like it to include a case but if there are better IEMs which come without a case it would be fine...
  4. monkeyboy73

    help me upgrade from my MEElectronics CC51

    I have been lurking for some time and the |joker| guide helped me pick my first IEMs - the CC51.  It's time for an upgrade.   Music: I listen to lots of genres, so an all-round set of IEMs should work for me.  some examples are - 80's pop, 90's alt rock and pop (BNL, NIN), classic rock (YES...
  5. nirurshon

    Recommendation For In-Ear With Mic To S3

    afer i read some posts about in-ear with mic, this is my finall options.   1. Klipsch Image S4A   2. Sennheiser MM 30i   3.SoundMAGIC E10M...
  6. Headphone9600

    Good portable in ears for under $50

    I've got some shure srh840 and they're awesome but I'm looking for some decent portable earbuds. I generally like good mid ranges, and not really bass heavy laid back kind of earbuds. I used to have the klipsch s4 and they were good (got run over). What are some good recommendations
  7. v2k2apj

    Best In-Ear under $50 (Sound clarity + Bass)

    Hello   I just bought Vsonic VC02 which has good sound clarity but lack big time in Bass.   I was looking for in-ear phone with good sound clarity like VC02 where I can understand wording & also with good bass..I prefer hearing Hip hop :)   Thank you!!
  8. shawn1990

    good deep bass earphones for $50-70

    I have Mee CC51 earphone. it has a decent bass but i want something that has deeper bass than the CC51. Any recommendations? thanks.
  9. Tommy C

    Need help: Klipsch x7i or Ultimate Ears UE600Vi or maybe Audio-Technica CKM500i

    Hi all,   I have been reading reviews in the last few weeks but still debating; Klipsch x7i or Ultimate Ears UE600Vi or maybe Audio-Technica CKM500i. I listen mostly to online radio station at work an my own music while in the train. I know the Audio-Technica is more of a V shape which...
  10. ctruong27

    Looking for IEM Tip that would fit a 6mm Nozzle/Jaybird Bluebuds X

    Hey there, so I've recently purchased Jaybird's newest headphones the Bluebuds X (which I am loving by the way!). Unfortunately none of the provided sillicon ear tips get a good seal on my ear so I've turned to Comply, which has then contacted me and said none of their ear-tips would fit the...
  11. DramatikBeats

    IEMS for Galaxy S3 (Mic/Volume Controls) £100 Budget

    Hey guys, I'm looking for some IEMS for my Galaxy S3 (Android) that have a mic. I have the Sony MH1C's but the heavy remote and the J-cord are annoying me, can't wear them for more than 5 minutes in the street without an earbud falling out. Wasn't a fan of the Klipsch Image S4's either since...
  12. Zariz

    Kid looking for veteran's experience, using Cowon, starting audiophilia

    I've been lurking this place for a while, it has been very informing/entertaining... but I think I could certainly use your experience   So I need IEMs for listening to FLACs/LAME MP3s w/ my old Cowon D2 in the subway   I'm pretty much an audio noob, I've only used some JVC Marshmallows...
  13. mattcalgary

    In-ears w/ mic for Android

    Hello all, I'm looking for a pair of buds that will function with my Samsung Galaxy SII X with a mic. I had a pair of Nuforces in the past but these seem to be discontinued and build quality was less than desirable. Hoping to have dual-duty with my iPod as well so something with decent audio...
  14. Mr Vibe

    Looking for portable headphones/ earphones/IEM for trip hop/electro music (150$ budget)

    Hello,   after reading many threads I post here to have some suggestions for my particular use.    To sum it up here is what I'm looking for:   - around 150$ budget - good isolation (I will use them mainly in metro, train, bus etc..) - comfy (I listen to music..a lot) - suited...
  15. jkim4007

    Best-sub-$50 IEM'S for my tastes/purposes? Xears vs Astrotec vs VSonic vs Monoprice

    i I'm looking for a sub-$50 set of IEMS (worn cable straight down). I listen to mostly (60%) pop-punk and melodic punk bands, but I also listen to a couple hardcore, folk rock, alternative/indie, acoustic (with violin) and lo-fi bands. Some of it is "rough around the edges" and some of it is...
  16. Viral

    Regarding IEMs and noise level reduction (gr07)

    I'm looking to purchase a pair of vsonic GR07's some time in the near future but I'm wondering what kind of decibel reduction is present in IEMs.  I've only ever had headphones (ultrasone hfi-580 mmm) or ****ty poor quality earbuds (ipod, $20 sennheiser ones, all rubbish) and with the...
  17. sithjedi333

    2 things: Best budget IEM with iPhone remote & best bluetooth IEMs!!!

    Hi, I've seen some great suggestions for budget IEMs like the Monoprice and Focals. However I'm looking for one with a iPhone remote, are there any you can suggest?   Also, I'm looking for bluetooth IEMs that are reliable and have good sound quality, and have been reading up on the LG Note...
  18. Tommy C

    iPhone 5 with IOS 7 sounds different

    So I have confirmed what I thought was true. I had access to IOS 7 long before it was released last week. I work in QA and had access to an iPhone 5 device with IOS 7 installed. I was playing around with in the last few weeks and thought it sounded rather different than my own iPhone 5 with IOS...
  19. MEElectronics CC51P Clarity Series Ceramic In-Ear Headphone with In-Line Microphone and Remote for iPhone and Smartphones (White)

    MEElectronics CC51P Clarity Series Ceramic In-Ear Headphone with In-Line Microphone and Remote for iPhone and Smartphones (White)

    The CC51 uses a new 6.0mm micro-driver that delivers full, accurate, detailed sound and, when housed in ceramic, eliminates resonance that might cause distortion-inducing harmonics resulting in a natural sound. Due to the driver being located very close to the ear, driver size does not limit...