1. UltraBird

    Battle of the sub $100 headphones with iPhone controls

    Hi everyone,   I always like to keep a pair of sub-$100 in-ears for use on the go, straight from my iPhone. I like to keep the price low since they inevitably get trashed over a year or so of daily use, and I need an in-line mic and playback controls. After browsing around, I think I’ve...
  2. sevan1028

    Sony xba-4ip vs UE 600vi

    I did my hw, found the facts, and still can't decide.   I can get the 600vi's for $75 and the 4ip's for $160 (significantly less than retail)   A lot of people criticize 4ip's, but I was considering that they are so critical because the 4ip's are supposed to be at an entirely different...
  3. gpz99

    Which IEMs should I buy, Logitech UE 600vi vs. Creative Aurvana In-Ear2?

    As the title says, I'm looking to buy a new pair of IEMs and I have narrowed it down to the Logitech UE 600vi and the Creative Aurvana In-Ear2, but I'm having trouble deciding between the two. I'm in Sweden and the market is a bit limited because of that, so there aren't many alternatives that...
  4. rosenzone

    I just got my Melelectronics M6p headphones and they're pretty good, should I even bother keeping the UE600vi I also ordered?

    I've read tons of reviews of the 600vi's cable breaking with a month or two. People have said to put a spring from a pen or surgu at the weak point. But I shouldn't have to do that. Should I return the 600vi? (They were only 49$)
  5. mangatmodi

    Need help in repairing Audio Jack of UE600 vi

    Hi all! I purchased Logitech UE 600vi headphones  on 24th August. However the plastic casing near the Audio jack has started coming off with normal everyday use and the jack has become very vulnerable to break. I called service centers and they classified this issue as physical damage due to...
  6. Tommy C

    Need help: Klipsch x7i or Ultimate Ears UE600Vi or maybe Audio-Technica CKM500i

    Hi all,   I have been reading reviews in the last few weeks but still debating; Klipsch x7i or Ultimate Ears UE600Vi or maybe Audio-Technica CKM500i. I listen mostly to online radio station at work an my own music while in the train. I know the Audio-Technica is more of a V shape which...
  7. drbluenewmexico

    BASSAWARE: A NEW BASS AUGMENTATION DEVICE FOR HEADPHONES that delivers true visceral response...

      BASS AWARE comes ALIVE!  photos from BassAware.com   Here on Head-fi.org head-fiers (as we are affectionately known) are always interested in improving our sound quality through upgrades There is resurgence in headphone sales worldwide with many companies putting out new models and new...
  8. Memo759

    is there any way to replace the UE 600vi cable

    it started to be torn and the sound started to be unstable ..      so if the cable could be replaced ,, where can i get one ??   thanks :)
  9. tiggers

    Fake Logitech UE 600vi on AliExpress?

    With all the closeout sales going on with Logitechs Ultimate Ears I've been on a bit of a binge lately:  UE4000 for my daughter, UE6000 for myself, and a set of UE 500VM for my wifes android phone.  I thought I would also go ahead and try the UE 600's as well.   While cruising on AliExpress, I...
  10. SomeRandomDude

    What headphone should I get?

    Hello, I what to buy my first pair of over ear headphones. I decided to get over ear headphones because I kept on breaking in ear headphones. I went through 2 pairs of AKG K350 one pair of UE 600, one pair of Shure 215, and one pair of beats tours in a year. I have no idea what to buy. I want to...
  11. bmw3wags

    IEM around $125

    So I am looking for a replacement for my Shure SE110. I really like the sound on these but they have seen better days. Genres I listen to are Rock, Hip Hop, Country, Classical, and Classic Rock/Oldies mostly so a wide variety of music. I have looked at getting UE 600vi, Rockit Sounds R-50m, FAD...
  12. jhumur

    Logitech Ultimate Ears 600vi -vs- Sennheiser CX 985

    Detail, sound stage are important to me. Just wondering which one you would pick, current price difference notwithstanding.
  13. bucky763

    I want a good quality IEM for under $90. Please help!

    I mostly listen to EDM, Hip Hop, Alternative, and a good variety of music. I would like the IEM's to have a good amount of bass. I'm currently using the earphones that came with my Galaxy S4.   I have narrowed down my selections to a few earphones that caught my eye. I am not limited to these...
  14. banana-man

    Eartip foam decay

    Hello, I bought some ultimate ears 600 and they where awesome but the foam ear-tips are decaying, they become soft and lose they're "memory" feature then they become even more soft to the point that they get torn when you try to remove them from the actual headphone. What can I do? Replacements...
  15. Keopele19

    ear loops/memory wire??

    I recently recabled some ue600vi's and had the idea to use shrink tubing for the ear loop.  anybody had experience reshaping the 'memory' of shrink tubing - or am i better off cutting it and replacing it with something else (or nothing)? thanks,  
  16. quaa

    Pick one: UE 600vi or Klipsch x10?

    I am wondering what all you guys would do given my situation.   I have had a pair of UE Super.Fi 5vi's for a while and love. I got up one day while listing to them and the right IEM broke in half.  Logitech replaced them with some UE 600vi's which I just received NIB.   While all of this...
  17. Logitech Ultimate Ears 600vi Noise-Isolating Headset - Dark Silver

    Logitech Ultimate Ears 600vi Noise-Isolating Headset - Dark Silver

    Ultimate ears 600vi noise-isolating headset features a microphone and on-cord controls for calls and music. it produces extended high-frequency response and a fuller soundstage.