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Battle of the sub $100 headphones with iPhone controls

  1. UltraBird
    Hi everyone,
    I always like to keep a pair of sub-$100 in-ears for use on the go, straight from my iPhone. I like to keep the price low since they inevitably get trashed over a year or so of daily use, and I need an in-line mic and playback controls. After browsing around, I think I’ve narrowed the field down to these contenders (though new suggestions are, of course, very helpful):
    Apple In-Ear Headhpones (dual driver)
    Bose MIE2i
    Etymotic Research mc3
    Klipsch Reference S4i
    Ultimate Ears 600vi
    I’m especially interested to hear from people who have experience with two or more of the above and can offer a ranking, with some explanation.​ I listen to a wide variety of music, and I prefer a neutral presentation.
  2. UltraBird
    Bump, please. All feedback is useful, and I’m sure there are plenty of people with similar needs to me on this one. [​IMG]
  3. Seekky
    Sony XBA-3 IP in trading forum.
  4. UltraBird
    Sorry, I wasn’t able to find the listing you’re referring to, but I doubt that someone is selling a new XBA-3iP for less than $100 [​IMG].
  5. UltraBird
    How do you guys narrow the field down when you have so many options, all at about the same price?
    I’ll add a pair of Sony’s I hadn’t previously considered to the list… now I have:
    Apple In-Ear Headhpones (dual driver)
    Bose MIE2i
    Etymotic Research mc3
    Klipsch Reference S4i
    Sony XBA-2iP
    Ultimate Ears 600vi
    I have no idea how to make this decision [​IMG] they all seem like contenders…
  6. UltraBird
    Consulting with ljokerl’s incredible Multi-IEM review, it seems that the Etys best the Apples and Klipschs in sound quality. I then consulted some comparison threads to conclude that the Etys will also likely sound better than the Bose, UE, and Sony options.
    Thus, the Etymotic mc3 looks like the champion for best in class sub-$100 IEMs with iPod controls. Thanks again, Head-Fi! [​IMG]
  7. ostewart
    T-PEOS D200, Dunu DN-22M

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