1. sijaka

    new in the game, colplete set-up.

    Saturday 19.10.2012 i bought a pair of bowers and wilkins IEM's, today i found this forum and have realised that for me to satisfy myself i need to upgrade from these IEM's to a more stationary setup with full-size earphones, amp and DAC.   i'm a student for the time beeing so i dont have a...
  2. wolfetan44

    Need help

    So I was thinking about buying the O2 + ODAC combo for $250. But then I saw that if I was using a computer with this Is would need it to be USB. I this true? Also could I get a better amp and DAC for $250?
  3. angelsblood

    upgrade from nuforce icon hd

    hi guys. thinking of upgrading my nuforce icon hd to another dac and headphone amp, and this time a separate unit. thinking of the little dot dac_II and little dot MK IV combo. what do u guys think? is it a worthy upgrade? reason i wanted to upgrade to tube amp is because i like the warmer...
  4. golgi

    DAC + old cd player = significant improvement?

    I don't have any experience with external DAC's and am just starting to learn about them.   I have an old Rotel RCD-950 cd player.  I bought it new back in 1998.  It still sounds pretty good.  But as upgraditis goes, I'm curious if adding an external DAC will offer a significant...
  5. brokenthumb

    E9 Upgrade?

    I have a D2k, SR80i, and K701 and was wondering if it would be a upgrade in sound quality to purchase a Little Dot I+, MK II, III, or IV. I have read that the I+ is good with low ohm headphones and all of mine currently are, but would the I+ be better, worse or about the same as the E9 I...
  6. garcon

    Newbie looking for suggestions on DAC & amp. Thank you!

    The primary audio source will be my 2010 iMac, and occasionally I would listen to songs on my iPod Classic, iPod nano & iPhonee 4 too. I might also buy & try some other portable sources like Sansa Fuze+ or some Cowon playes. I understand that I can bypass iMac's internal soundcard and use a...
  7. SACD01

    Entry Level Rig (HELP)

    Hello, I'm just an entry-level audiophile that prefers good-quality music. Currently I own a Sennheiser HD555, and I would want to invest in an entry-level rig.   After extensive research that also fit a student's budget I have come up with 4 feasible options: 1) Purchase an Audinst...
  8. SolidSnake3

    Little Dot II Strong enough amp?

    Hi everyone, I'm thinking of picking up a Little Dot II amp because I am really curious about tube amps and want to give one a try. However, I'm a bit unsure if this amp will be good enough/strong enough for the headphones I may be getting in the near future. Right now I have some MS-1's...
  9. GreyArea

    Anyone got a Little Dot Dac_II?

    OK, about to pull the trigger on this. Thought i'd have a last effort to try and get some opinions before I email David. I know a few of you own one. I'm thinking of using the unit whilst I save up for a Little Dot Tube Head or the SS MkV. I know the DAC unit is identiacal to the LD...
  10. -eddie-

    Beresford Caiman vs Little Dot DAC_II - advice please

    Hi, Ive been looking to upgrade to a decent USB DAC which has a headphone amp built in, as im a bit tight on cash. Im looking on spending >£200. So far ive narrowed it down to the Beresford Caiman and the Little Dot DAC_II - both of which seem to have mainly rave reviews. The headphones...
  11. Penchum

    Night Time Shots Of Our Tubes Glowing -- Post Them Here!!

    Share those night time tube love shots! Night time shots only! Its all about the GLOW. One line descriptions please! (See below) 1024x768 recommended. New MKII on the right, the old LDII++ on the left. Glowing pals in the night
  12. JimSmiley

    Which Little Dot For Grados

    At work I use the Mk III with Mullard 6CQ6 with my SR125s and I love it. Never fatiguing everything sounds great. Now I would like to get back to listening to my headphones at home again as well. I'm looking for impressions from Grado users who have tried the MK II or above and those who have...
  13. lordsegan

    Woo Audio vs Little Dot

    I see a lot of people write about Woo Audio, in particular the W22 and W6 SE like they are the best of the best when it comes to amps (at least in the price range of mortals). I personally have used a few different Little Dot models and have found them to be excellent, esp the MKVII+ in...
  14. glitch39

    UPCOMING Little Dot DAC

  15. Little Dot DAC_II

    Little Dot DAC_II

    The Little Dot DAC_II combines our Little Dot DAC_I's D/A circuit with a built-in (LME49710HA pre-stage and discrete BD139/BD140 transistor output stage) headphone amplifier module! Four inputs (Coaxial, BNC, Optical, and USB) allows the Little Dot DAC_II to be used with digital source like a CD...