Little Dot DAC_II

General Information

The Little Dot DAC_II combines our Little Dot DAC_I's D/A circuit with a built-in (LME49710HA pre-stage and discrete BD139/BD140 transistor output stage) headphone amplifier module! Four inputs (Coaxial, BNC, Optical, and USB) allows the Little Dot DAC_II to be used with digital source like a CD Transport or a computer as a standard USB audio device. User functionality customizations include setting the bit-rate, maximum sampling frequency, and how the DAC's digital filter operate (sharp or gentle). At the heart of the Little Dot DAC_II are the Wolfson Micro's high quality 24-bit 192Khz WM8740 DAC chip, WM8805 ultra-low jitter (50ps) digital transceiver chip, and the ultra-low distortion LM4562/LME49720/LME4910. A dual crystallizer re-clock circuit ensures a synchronized and jitter-free signal!

The internal components have been carefully chosen for their quality and precision - tight tolerance resistors, WIMA coupling caps, ELNA and NISSEI filter caps, Toshiba optical connectors, and BD139/BD140 transistors.

Latest reviews

Pros: sound details, staging
Cons: no auto mute at start
I am really fond of this DAC, thanks to it the whole musical scene is depicted in great detail, especially for the higher frequencies.
Bass could be improved .. I really prefer the bass of my Arcam Black box 5
The bass/lower mid is less precise and it's hard to "see" where it comes from, again, in comparison to Arcam Black Box 5.
I'm always listening through the optical input, cause the USB input is not as good as the optical one.
The headphone output is really usefull, too.
Volume knob is only usefull for the headphones, does not apply to the line out.
Multiple inputs (USB, spdif, toslink, bnc) are great too.
Maybe the usage of options is little tricky, and the manual is available only in Chinese ..
Great product, however.
Is the USB asynchronous?
A little more spec info would be nice too - what are the maximum incoming bitdepth and samplerate? 24/96?
24/96 max and not USB Async.


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